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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Dont Stop Me Now....

So after Monday and Tuesday Kinda/Squee Squad madness, yesterday I got the call that location filming was happening not too far away and that for the first time in ages, David was on location. So natch, I was straight there after work.
As you can see from pic 1 in the prev post, the TARDIS was under construction when I arrived. The actors were on lunch, so some crew were buggering about with lights, TARDIS and rain machines. With about 100 of us watching. The usual Kinda suspects were there (Scott, Laura, Gareth, Mark & Simon) as well as Squee Squaders well in Squee mode after having photos with David earlier. They seemed to have a great amount of difficulties getting the roof on. Dan has a really shitty cold and was feeling rough, plus we had a dinner date at Maria's to get to, so we had to scoot just before 7.00 .... right as the actors came back. Bum. We did get a very nice smile and thank you from Bernard Cribbins. Bernard Cribbins! The man is legend! The voice of the fucking Wombles! I bow down in his shadow.
Then tonight is rehearsals for Watching the Magpies, so its another 11.00pm bed at the earliest .. and tomorrow is Rajar night out, back at the Hard Rock ..... so that will be 5 on the trot!
And who said I need to get out more!

Can You Guess What It Is Yet?

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Migraines, Squee Squad and Hair - oh my!

And there goes the best part of another week.
Had a long weekend booked off to do the Oscars and use up my last few days before our leave year ends (we run with financial year) so off Friday (score!) but promptly had my first humdinger of a migraine in a few months (boo) which really ran largely into Saturday too.
But Rach came over for a visit and we had a good troll around the shops (namely, Ikea. Meatballs to die for. Went in to browse, spent £25. Do now have fully fabulous technicolour dressing gown) before popping home to do a bit of French & Saunders (only 6 weeks until we see them live)
Then, as I had been left off the rota Sunday, I worked a shift for one of the other guys so worked 10 - 8, before going home to wait for Mark to arrive for Oscar night.
We had a scream, the Oscars were, again, a bit shit. Time was when there was a big production number or outrageous scandal that you missed in the highlights, hence the tradition of sitting up til 5.00am to watch the telecast. But since 9/11, they have been far too scared to vaguely offend anyone and so don't even put on the big dance numbers anymore. 2008 may have been my last live one until they put some juice back into the ceremony. No big surprises on the winners. I am sure the only votes they count are from the 70 year olds on the board and George Clooney. And I cant take George seriously after that episode of American Dad. Didn't take him seriously before to be honest. So we had a marvellous picnic with martini's in proper martini glasses and cherries. Oh .. and pickled onions. Its not often you get to munch pickled onions at 4 in the morning and feel good about it.
Monday was then a day of chilling out feeling jet lagged after sitting up until 5.00am. Tried to introduce Mark to The Mighty Boosh but I don't think he really appreciated it!
I then had my big night out with The Squee Squad .. which will take some explaining. An online community of David Tennant appreciators. 17 of them have descended en masse to Cardiff this week to have a look around and hopefully catch sight of the man himself. So i offered to go to dinner with them at the Hard Rock so they could take advantage of my Real Radio discount. I arrived all fresh and early at 7.50, to get settled before they came in. I sauntered to the reception desk and gave my name.
'Are you with those 17 women' came the response.....
'um... yeah'
'well they are all waiting for you.... go through'
Me, who has to psyche himself up to walking into a pub on his own ... now having to walk into a theme bar to 17 eagerly awaiting faces. I have to say, think I pulled it off very well, swaggering in to a chorus of cheers and just took my seat and started chatting...... Across the night quite a few member of Kinda (Kardiff Inebriation N Dancing Agency - the Who fan group I belong to) dropped in too, which was brilliant! Great bunch of people, great night out.
But then last night was the monthly Kinda meet - which again the SS crashed. I went down for an hour and stayed for four. Most of it reminiscing with a fellow 36 year old who is from Milton Keynes - so we had a lot of similar memories from growing up in the area. She understands why Stacey Bushes is funny. And now a dogging ground so she tells me (not that she knows from experience you understand!)
And Dan cut my hair this week. Went a bit shorter than usual, so bit of a crew cut, but I like it. People keep telling me I look like a marine .... me! A marine! Ooh I know!

And I see the lovely Adrian has left a comment in my review of Being Human that Russell Tovey is apparently 'family' ..... stalking now required.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Its a Tragedy

Ok, so I just pulled a funny on the office.
I put a Please Mind the Step sign over our office door. Then when you come into the office, a picture of Faye Tozier, formerly of Steps greets you.
I have had to explain it to about three people so far ... then Graham, who works in our office, actually looked down for the step ..... Graham whose desk is in our office. Graham who has worked in this office for six years.

The fun never ends.

Being Human

I have been looking forward to seeing this BBC3 'pilot' for some time, so you can imagine my horror sat on the loo last night, reading about it, to find it had literally just finished.
Luckily, we live in this wonderous age of technology, so I managed to to catch it on my lunch break on the BBC Iplayer.
And thank Dame Billie Piper I did! It was fantastic!
The premise is that a Vampire and a Werewolf are mates and decide to get a flat together. Cue lots of scenes of the not entirely unattractive Russell Tovey (George the werewolf) butt nekkid. Via a delightful scene with a bit of an old fashioned estate agent mistaking them for a gay couple, they move in. And then weird shit starts to happen. A defrosted chicken nails itself to a cupboard, things move .... because they happen to have picked a flat that has a resident ghost. To fill out the pilot we have a plotline about George's last serious girlfriend, who thought he was dead after he got bitten (as it seems do all of his family), demanding answers and a seemingly Blade-esque vampire 'underworld' (yes, reference intentional) that threatens to take over the human world - of which, I would guess, the bulk of a series proper would develop.
The writing from Toby Whitehouse is natural, amusing and almost comforting - during the setting up of the flat I continually found myself watching George, thinking "oh shit - that's me". The performances are very strong indeed. Having been impressed with Russell in Voyage of the Damned as Midshipman Alonzo Frame, I shall certainly be seeking out further works of his from here.
Summing up - if you made overlapping circles of Friends, This Life, Blade and Underworld, this would be the bit you coloured in in the middle... but with a colour all its own.


Mini Jack

In lieu of news of actual Torchwood action figures, it appears that the Mini Mates range are doing a new set of Doctor Who figures, including Captain Jack Harkness.

You can see the designs for the figure here and further info on Mini Mates here.

Plus the 9th Doctor, 10th Doctor, 10th Doctor with coat & Martha Jones
Thanks to Josh for the heads up!

I feel my Doctor Who collection growing already......

Monday, 18 February 2008

Bollywood Rocks!

I love Bollywood movies. I have seen a few .. they all seemed to have the same story: Young guy and young girl meet and fall in love, but young girl has been arrnaged marriaged off to an old fat rich guy so her family will no longer be poor. Lots of dancing later, the young guy and old guy fight, resulting in the old guy almost killing the young guy - but not quite as young guy then manages to push old guy off a cliff. Young girl inherits his wealth and married young guy. All live happily ever after. Its a lot like Snow White when I think about it. But the choreography and costumes were so fanatastic. If they make a movie of my life, I want it made by a Bollywood team and to look a lot like this:


I am a total facebook addict these days. I spend far too much time taking quizzes for fun and never finding out the result becuase I dont particularly think 20 of my friends will want to have it inflicted on them.
One I did put particular kudos on, was Dr Phils personality test. I mean, Dr Phil is a serious psychologist type, right? Aside from sounding like Mr Mackey on South Park if you close your eyes, his shows seem to be from the heart and very professional, so his opinion on my psyche was of worth, I thought.
So I took the test. And this was the result:
scored 39 on Dr. Phil's personality test
Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken.
Um. So not me.
Lets see here......
Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. Others who havent met me perhaps.
They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Yes cubed and wtf? Have you met me and my public ego? Or am i actually really shit at keeping my total insecurity a secret (granted, now I am, as I have just announced it publicly)
Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily. Utter madness. I make friends at the drop of a hat and quite often the drop of pants and trousers.
but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Ok, I'll give you that one.
Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, Yes, that could be said
but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken. Er. Not frankly. Like a faithful dog, kick me and I will still come back. I am actually possibly the most forgiving person ever. I am continually told that my ability to see the good side in everyone will ultimately be my fatal flaw.
What a load of old shit.

Friday, 15 February 2008

When the Rain Washes You Clean

I slept very very heavy last night. The alarm went off, Dan got up and got ready and I didnt notice. And now, i could quite happily go back to that deep, undisturbed slumber. Which isnt great when you have a lot to do.
Some highlights from the nights dreams.
Watching a violent sea storm from a (non existant) building in Cardiff Bay through an open view point. One large wave swept in and washed Shirley Bassey down into the toilets. I went down and carried her up, but her 12 year old son was washed away. She was distraught for a few seconds than got over it. We were resecued by the Stargate SG1 team. Ben Browder had an alien belt that had 10 lines attached to it. We all took one and attched the gold rings to our own belts and he flew us out of there.
Stopping at an old post office type shop, I had a large group of birds come up to me. A swan took my arm in its beak and although I couldnt feel it, I couldnt get it back either. It let go eventually.
The shop didnt want the birds in there, so I had to barely open the doors to get in and then everything in there was old and dusty. I was served by a young lad. I had a dairy milk ice cream that needed dusting and cost £1.10. I gave him the right money but he gave me 60p back saying I had mis heard the price. His mother had a surgical mask on, but I could see a giant eye peering out of a rip in it, where her mouth should have been and she had really bad chin hair. As I left the geese and swans got in.
Dan & I had bought my dads old house in Enderby Road, Luton (no 30 if you ever fancy a gander at a large part of my life ages 9 - 17. Had & gave my first bj in the living room there!). The previous occupants had tried to drain the swimming pool by demolishing the patio and letting the water run out into the garden. I was devastated. I was looking at the wall my dad had a large mural on (it was a famous painting ... dunno which one mind, just had lots of Cavalier type men on it) and thinking that it looked a bit rough but would be great for shelves, when my Dad and his next eldest son (Aaron, I dont see much of him, but then I am not the one who came to Cardiff for a weekend and didnt make contact with my brother despite dad giving me his two e-mail addresses and mobile number, but thats not for here) and we started talking about the state of the kitchen.
And this was without eating cheese. Taramasalata makes you weird kids. Stick to the crack.


So I was really not in a good head place, was I?
Well .. thats fixed.
Most people here didnt really know me or have much to do with me when my depression was at its worst. Not because my friends all deserted me or anything but because I (a) hide it quite well and (b) remove myself from them so as not to be a burden. Rach was about the only person I really ever spoke to about it, and she was a marvel and one night in particular, literally a life saver.
One thing I took from that time, was my own strength and bloody mindedness. I wouldnt give in to seeing doctors about it (but probably should have) and point blank didnt believe medication was the answer (ergo, not going near the quacks). So I got myself through it. Day by day, changing small things, enjoying the good things, accepting that with light must come the dark. That was also when I was at the height of practicing Wicca - I dont do so much now, the need has gone and instead of being a big thing to actually do, its just there, a part of me that just happens - kind of like breathing. But now, I recognise the signs. The fog at the back of my head, creeping over my mind and dulling everything, removing things, removing me. It was starting earlier this week but thankfully has gone.
I had a good chat with the managers at Showcase, and they showed me how to make the system tell you how much change to give. And at the end of the shift ..... just 10p out! The relief was huge and instant. It means I can continue to work there and keep improving the finances, without risking my mental health!
All on for ... you know what!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Ok, lets just get this out there. I feel like shit today. Mentally and emotionally.

The cinema job isnt going well. It should be a breeze but it isnt. At the end of my shift, I always seem to be a vast amount of cash down. Most times, it has actually been explained (vouchers not processed right, the coin county thing buggering up or such) but its wearing me down constantly feeling like I am just shit and cant do it.
Its never been a problem before in any job where I have operated a till. But the last one was some years ago now - has my dyscalculia deteriorated to a point where I cant do it? I put myself to the test .... I do a few quick sums in my head in the bath, on the loo, driving ... and seem to be fine. So am I just making one or two mistakes when trying to work quickly, that add up to 20/30 quid at the end of the night? Who knows. Would help if the system worked out the change for you, but it doesnt you see. And thats just about the only difference between this job and all of the others. Which would of course mean that it is me cocking up and not some system error. Its affecting my sleep. Last night I woke up three times from dreams about the place.
I was thinking maybe to ditch the super secret christmas plan, and just cut back on living a little so that my salary here lasts. But it would mean literally going back to a basic diet and cutting back food rations, no additional journeys aside from work and home, absolutely no DVDs/theatre/cinema or anything. I already massively adjusted my spending on ths, specifically to help sort out the finances ... and its still going wrong. So my life would become work and home. And to see anyone, they would have to visit us. Its just not a philosophy I have ever had. What's the point in living like that? Just living to survive? All sounds very caveman.
So just when I was thinking that maybe I could just drop this job until I find another (with tills that tell you how much change to give), check my account as will need petrol ... and I am 60 quid overdrawn, when i am supposed to be £15 in the black. Looks like BT have processed the DD (the one I set up for 21st of this month) and my new magazine subscriptions have gone through (£3 each a month). So even when I get paid from the cinema this friday, it will just about bring me back to zero.
I cant work out how I do it, I really cant. Its a talent, I tell you.
And to top that off, we had a letter this week saying that when Dan's old house was repossessed and sold, it fell short of clearing his mortgage by 14 grand. So we have that to find too.
So if you were planning your outfit for our wedding, you might want to wait and see what the fashions are like in 2052................
Cut me a fucking break universe ... I am trying!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Just a quick one......

... you know, if you are passing my way.
Have 15 mins until my lunch is up and have read all blogs/doctor who sites already today so figured some kind of proper update is overdue.
Due to never getting flash to work on my pc in the office, they have switched me to firefox. So now the spellchecker thing doesnt work ... so from here on in, apologies for my fuck awful typing skills.
I now work at the cinema, two shifts a aweek. I had two hours paperwork induction, one shift working alongside somebody then off I went, let loose on the world. Except on my first night I got a written warning for being 25 quid out on my till. Turned out I had processed some gift vouchers as paid for tickets, but I didnt find that out until Sunday .... spent most of saturday out of my mind, mortified to the point of nausea over the whole thing. I do like the job there though, and with two or three shifts a week, it shoudlnt massively impact me and wear me out.
Saw Cloverfield last weekend. Have to say that I really enjoyed it. I was concerned that they would never really show us the monster, but it gets a fair amount of screen time considering the format. And that is the main thing to say about Cloverfield - just like its most famous previous POV blockbuster, The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield really drew me in. Because you only see what they see, because you dont get everything sppon fed to you Mister Men stylee, it left a lot of thoughts wandering around in my head - and this dear reader is what engages me most. Stick a spoon into my deranged mind and give it a stir and I am all yours. Provide all the ingredients, the oven and than bake the cake for me and I'll lose interest somewhere around adding two eggs..... until its time to lick the bowl - I always come back for that bit.
Adele & Robert are down this weekend. Did I tell you we went to see them in Stevenage a few weeks ago? No? Yes? Well, we did. And now they are coming to us, so I am v excited about this.
I also need to meet up with Rach at some point and score her fella out of ten. From the daily reports she has to file, in triplicate, signed and dated in blood or sweat, I approve in principle, but a final inspection is required before I can fully sign him off as acceptable goods. And Damien, if Rach shows you this, never be fooled. You are goods. To be inspected and stamped with a seal of approval or rejection. But I'll leave the poking to Rach..... But fear me boy....... FEAR ME!
Of course, Im not that scary really. But that just wouldnt make as interesting a blog post, would it?
Ok, yes, I am that scary.

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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Are You ready for this Jelly?

Gosh, so loving Torchwood this year. Loved last year, but did think it failed on repeat viewings. And now have a lovely signed photo of Kai Owen to add to my collection - with my name on and everything! Plus, i have already seen enxt weeks show and know some major spoilers for the few weeks that follow. All very exciting I assure you.
Anyhoo, its no secret (as Kylie might say - yes, that truly is one for the hardcore fans) that I am a big fan of the mash up, so thought Id share my all time fave with you.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Barely have two mins to think at the moment, so posts will be sparse for the forseeable future But have this to amuse yourselves for 5 minutes.

Ive had Matt Damon*. He never called.
*legal - I havent had Matt Damon, its just a gag but Matt, I am open to the idea if you fancy a quick fuck sometime. I'll bottom and everything