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Monday, 30 June 2008

Green & Sexy

We took yesterday, my first day off from my plethora of employment positions for 17 days (before now doing a further 13 with no break), to catch up some flicks.
The Incredible Hulk. Very good. Not as good as Iron Man. Very much in the vein of the 70s tv show. Nice nods to the show and the Marvel Universe. Mentions of SHIELD, Nick Fury ... and cameo from Tony Stark, laying another stone towards an Avengers movie, after the post credit one in Iron Man.
Sex & the City. I have seen ... maybe 5 episodes of this ... but Dan followed it so I did promise Id take him. Very good, but far too long. They could have cut the New Year montage in half for a start. I was slightly perturbed that they have clearly been stalking me to get the Kim Cattrall character right......
But in both .... BOTH ... films, I had to tell audience members to SHUT.... THE .... FUCK ... UP.
Starting in Hulk, we were second to back row, with some kids behind us. Now the kids were great, they had some noisy sweet wrappers, but that's about it. It was their fucking retard mothers, who had clearly been sent out so dad could watch the sport in peace, and had no interest in the film. Well excuse us, the rest of the audience, of we actually did want to watch the fucking movie. Ten minutes in, I got up, went over to them and asked them to shut up as they were disturbing the film. They didn't utter another word.
Then, we sat in a similar position for SATC. A couple, sat in the very back corner, insisted on chatting at regular volume, commenting and making jokes, though the film. After a good 40 mins, I leaned back and barked at them to shut up. Which they did. But then 20 mins before the end, some mincing queen and his hag, sat in the other corner started. They didn't need telling. They got a look .. and that was enough.
But why the hell does this continually happen? 9 films out of 10 that I see, either I or another audience member has to ask somebody to stop talking. And its not just me. Whenever I whinge about it ... and believe me I do .. a lot ... everyone I speak to has a similar story. Its really not a hard concept to understand. Large room full of people concentrating on one thing - if you speak, they will hear you and it will affect their viewing pleasure. There are even lovely (very 80s looking) graphics in the pre film sequence, asking you to not chat.
I'm buying a tazer.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Oi, Dave Ross, NOOOO!

Ok, I can now talk about The Stolen Earth properly.
First and foremost .... slight cop out to start with. After that dramatic ending, we don't pick up where we left off, but rather some time later. Initial pangs of wanting to slap RTD soon fade though as I begin to wonder where the hell they still have milkmen like that. Actually, its a rather charming place called Church Village, just at the top of the hill from the Doctor Who studios at Upper Boat and you can see my mate Rhys Nan's house in the background. And then we get what is clearly a motif for season enders .... if the Doctor is happy, bad things happen. Donna says that Rose coming back is a good thing, the Doctor lets his guard down for a split second to agree and WHAM The Earth gets nicked. Note to self: Don't ever buy the Doctor something he really wants, could lead to own death.
And then, we have 3 minutes of pure televisual fanwank spunkfest. Now do bear in mind, when I first got to watch this ep, there had been no leaks, no next times, no BBC1 trailers and clips. So the full appearance of Martha & UNIT, Jack & Torchwood, Sarah-Jane with Luke & Mr Smith was a total surprise. And I think it made the ep so much more special for it. And mine & Dans own running private joke of Mr Smiths fanfare gets its own gag!!! This is where RTD excels and will be missed .... he knows what we are all thinking .... and acts on it, so we all feel like he wrote it just for us ... not you .. just me ...
Marvellous reactions from everyone too, when the Dalek transmission comes across. Perfection as always, from the stunning Lis Sladen.
And by this point, The Stolen Earth has you by your balls and legs it, dragging you along, breathless. Desperate to keep up, but fairly sure you are going to need to go back and check the route for loose change when it finally lets go.
I loved Wilf. BC is a legend. So glad I got to speak to him on location once.
The Shadow Proclamation - what is Donna's loss to come? Well, clearly she's going to snuff it if you ask me.
Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister. Was that a call for help to bring the Doctor to them .. or a trap to lure him in? Did you notice the background to her cottage (he he .. cottage) when seen via webcam was Red & Gold themed ... now what else was Red & Gold in this episode .. .hmmmm... Plus ... 'Yes, we know who you are' from the Daleks - a running gag, or do they know.
Osterhagen key? Harriet certainly seemed very keen for it to not be used .. because she knows it will work? Or maybe its all a double bluff and she is playing Dave Ross at his own game?
Speaking of Dave Ross ...... I was shitting myself. I was not impressed with Julian Bleach as an actor in Torchwood. But the lad came good and proved my fears unnecessary. And such a great job from Neill and the peeps at Millennium FX too.
And how funny is Dalek Caan? 'I fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew and danced....' yes dear, I'm sure you did. Which of course, makes his prophetic 'ever lasting death for the faithful companion' prophecy all the more chilling. But its Donna, yeah?
So we have the Doctor and his chums reunited on an outer space Facebook and a mobile phone. Ive called the number ... its dead ... great reactions from La Tate when she asks who Captain Jack is ... but because Wilf isn't allowed a webcam, Rose is left out of the plans .... so heads to the Doctor herself.
Again, spot on performance from Catherine here, as she reveals Rose's appearance ... why don't you ask her yourself. If there is anyone out there still doubting Catherine's abilities, you need a reality check as you clearly cant tell a good actress when you see one and perhaps would be better off following Pobol Y Cwm from now on and leaving Doctor Who well alone, as its clearly a bit above you love.
And so, elated, the Doctor and Rose run to each others arms (why oh why was this not on a beach at sunset?) .. but . . uh oh ... the Doctor is happy ... and doesn't spot the Dalek behind the van!
Exterminate zap
And the Doctor is exterminated. But notice how only his left torso glows in negative..... it only got one of his hearts!
Jack arrives in the nick of time, leaving Gwen & Ianto being mullered back at the hub, going out fighting, like Owen & Tosh as Gwen so beautifully name checks.
Back in the TARDIS, we get a full on, energy spunking, vortex spewing regeneration .. maybe ... as we wont know until next week. So, my theories
1. Hand in jar .... referenced with brief shot at start of ep. Its holding him like an anchor, fixed in this body, so he will regenerate, but still look the same. This would mean David has the sole honour of playing two doctors - tenth and eleventh.
2. As above, but said hand then grows a whole second Doctor. This gives us the handy plot device of being able to fully kill off one - bound to Donna to seal the Medusa Cascade once more.
3. Donna will die. And ... SPOILERS BELOW stop now if you wish to be clean. Read on if you want me to soil you, make you dirty ... yeah, you like that shit doncha baby .... yeah ... oh sorry, back on topic.....

Donna also gets dropped off at home, because I stood and watched them film it. So given walls between realities are fucked, and she had a whole reality form around her, this Donna can peg it (she is continually referenced as something new anyways) and the Doctor can grab the Turn Left one from somewhere to take her place. He tells Wilf that she can never find out ... it all suggests some memory wipe .. or given Jack is about, some handy retcon.

Whatever it may be ... lets pray its not a reset button. Roll on Saturday!

Thursday, 26 June 2008


Captain Jack Harkness .. shame on you .....

Monday, 23 June 2008

Tournez A Gauche

So did you watch Turn Left?
So while not exactly as I had suspected, it was The Trickster involved ... ha!
I really loved this episode. While apparently quite light and fluffy to begin with, this one really began to plug on the emotional strings and some very hard hitting concepts, for essentially a family show.
From a very (potentially not PC) traditional Chinese market on some alien world, we go from having froths on noses and milk taches, to Martha being dead and a beautiful eulogy for Sarah-Jane Smith in the space of about ten minutes ... and it wont end there. As jubilant as the return of Rose Tyler is .... speaking as though she has grown too many teeth for some odd reason ... we are soon faced with the destruction of most of southern England, refugees, Torchwood giving their lives for us - just so we can start packing any non British citizen off to labour camps. That moment, the glances and salutes between Wilf and the Italian chap (whose name escapes me) is one of the mist gut wrenching pieces of telly Ive seen in many years. 'Its happening again' stammers Wilf, tears in his eyes ... beautiful ... and I fear, frighteningly realistic, were such a situation to happen.
Then, back in her own timeline, Donna recounts the story to the Doctor .... and its a great piece of work from David & Catherine. Totally conversational from Donna .. but we see the realisation, the hope and the horror in the Doctors eyes .... What was her name, what did she look like .... then those two words ... Bad Wolf ...
While I have been enjoying series 4 .. I have had in the back of my mind that I was still preferring series 3 .... until now .. and lets see how this final trilogy pans out. Of course, I only have a few mins from part 2 and part 3 to go ... and WOW.
Some select lines from The Stolen Earth, that will spoil nothing but may get you thinking:
"Disappearing bees. Disappearing bees. DISAPPEARING BEES!"
"Good, I like Saturdays"
"Harriet Jones. Former Prime Minister" "Yes, we know who you are"
"I'm taking you to the Shadow Proclamation"
"Doctor Jones, you take your orders from UNIT, not Torchwood"
"Mr Smith, I need you"
"Oi, I was there first"
"There's nothing I can do"
"Please don't die"
There, that should be enough to tease.

And so yesterday was my second Race For Life, in Swansea.
Or it should have been. but i spent the entire time stuck in a Peugeot.
I arrived brisk and bright at Real for 7.30am to load the Real Mobile and get off to the race to set up before any runners arrived. We load, we drive, we stop for a bagel in McDonalds. We arrive on site to find one wheel as flat as Lady Cassandra. And as they are setting up the race site, we now cant call the AA to fix it as they wont be able to get to us until the site is cleared. Then our producer realised he had brought nothing to record the interview with the actress who plays Stacey in Gavin & Stacey and can I pop back to the station (45 min drive each way) and pick up a flashman. Its 9.15 .. first race is 11 .... touch and go, but not impossible, so I get in his pool car and floor it back to Cardiff in record time. Except there is no flashman in his studio. Or the other studio. Or in news. Oh well, cant be helped, bit of a waste of drive, but if I floor it back again, I can be there to do what I am supposed to be doing at the stage. Then he calls me back ... Richard took it home .. can I go and meet him at Culverhouse Cross Maccy D's and pick it up ... well .. that about 20 min from work .. so a bit out of the way, but still do-able. Off I scoot. After going around the roundabout for the eighth time seeing only Burger King ... I realise I need to head off to the retail park round the corner ... and sure enough, find my target. Floor it back to Swansea .... but the main road in is a part of the course and has closed .... so I sit ... going about 500 yards over 90 minutes ... until traffic slowly starts to crawl down the alternate routes which they open once the bulk of the runners have gone .... and arrive on site for the last few to come over the finish line. 'Stacey' has left ... so there is no interview to even get any more. I just sit back, wait for the site to clear and the AA to arrive ..... and try and calm down. The easiest way to wind me up ... is always make me sit in traffic. Make me do if for no reason and its safer to just leave me alone.
But you know, I was getting paid, so its not all bad.

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New Game!

you grab any book, go to page 123, find the fifth sentence, and blog it. Then tag five people

Since the nearest book to me is actually the 2005 Commercial Radio Pocket book (well, actually its my employee handbook but it doesnt have enough pages.

Chief executive - David Goode.

oh dear. I might need to play this again at home......

And I tag .... Dan, Nabusan, Emma, Kevin & Mark

Friday, 20 June 2008


So I have seen The Stolen Earth.
And if you look back across my Doctor Who reviews, you will see theories and predictions. And boy I just love being right. Even though, with one ep to go, some is still to come to pass and some may still be wrong. But a good portion are proven. I rule.
I wont spoil ..... but .. my heart pounded for the entire episode.
Some great lines. But I cant even mention them because it will give away too much.

Fanwank hardly covers it though. Fanfullonpenetrationfuckingbarebackwithspunkrightupyou is probably a better phrase to use.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Feel Good Factor 12

Look out for the shoe change.....

Monday, 16 June 2008

7 Songs

I have been tagged by young Mr Kemsphall ...

"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to."

1. In My Arms - Kylie. Current single from the brilliant album X. Clearly, given I am off to see The Impossible Princess live twice in the next two months, I need to be fully up on latest lyrics, so X spends a lot of time on the CD player in the car. Also helps that if you don't listen really carefully, you can get away with singing 'how does it feel, in my arse' to much homosexual hilarity.

2. Incredible - Madonna. From Hard Candy. A bouncy piece, largely about somebody who is a great shag and generally great to be around. I like to think of Dan during this song. Because even after all this time, I cant get my head around how great it is to have him in my life.

3. White Diamond - Kylie. Dan made me the copy of X I have in the car and included the acoustic version of this from the White Diamond DVD. Its written by Babydaddy and Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters and sung by Kylie, so what's not to love? It also sends out a very beautiful message about being there for your friends in their time of need. I'd hope I can be their White Diamond when they need me. One friend in particular, who popped into my mind a week or so ago, for no reason I could fathom as I listened to the song. I sent him the lyrics and wonder if he knows just how much his friendship means to me. Which is quite a feat given we have never communicated in any other form than textually - by phone or pc. But you know when you just get a gut feeling about somebody, that they are important in your life and you may be in theirs one day - well, that's how I feel about him.

4. New York to LA - Patsy somebodyorotherIcantremember. Used as Pam Ann's curtain call and signature tune. Kind of addicted to Pam Ann right now. Really, check our her stuff. Its all over youtube and she has a live DVD.

5. World Looking In - Morcheeba. Ive had this track kicking around for years now, but recently re-discovered it when I bought a 3cd complete Morcheeba set for about 2 quid off play. It sets up images of my mind of spending a cozy night in with your special somebody. Just the two of you, maybe in a log cabin, in big Val Doonican jumpers, with a roaring fire and some chilled out music and a bottle of wine. Maybe one of you is reading a book to the other as you snuggle up. See, you had no idea I could do romantic, did you? Just you ask Dan! Different man behind closed doors, me.

6. Mamma Mia - ABBA. Ok, I'm not exactly playing this through choice right now, its just that at Showcase I get it every 15 mins or so on the Mamma Mia trailer. And it is my fave ABBA song. And I cant wait for the film ... and WALL*E. Just had to get that in there.

7. Defying Gravity - Idina Menzel, Kristina Chenowith & the cast of Wicked. Oh come on. You didn't think there wouldn't be a Wicked mention, did you? This was a tough call mind you. For Good was equally viable as it again, sums up some important friendships for me .... but I need to end on the drama, so Defying Gravity it is. A great song, about making big decisions in your life, moving forward, because you have to keep moving forward, and taking a risk. I took a risk by moving to Wales - for me it was a very big decision, to leave behind everything I had known, all the good times and bad, the friends and family, the proximity to London - which I always felt was essential in ever re-launching my acting career. But it paid off big time. I am happier than ever before, my (frankly very unstable back then) mental & emotional well being improved, and nobody, in all of OZ, no wizard that there is or was, is ever gonna bring me down.

And I tag:
David J Thacker - because once every six months is just poor!
Mark Leete - because with sooooooooooo much music in your collection, your answers will be wonderful I am sure.
Roo - because you know you need to do this more often dear.
Nabusan - Because I will learn much from your choices, about what the kids listen to these days!
Bsabas - because its always nice to hear from you
Kevin Charnas - because you are a gem and I love you dearly.
Richie - because you are always threatening to start a blog so maybe you will flippin well do it now!

But Seriously...

... who the hell marks a play down because its too realistic?
Nobody I hear you cry!
Well, you'd think. Sadly, Mr Paul Fowler GODA, does exactly that. And I'm very glad he does too. Because it meant we didn't win the Welsh Final, so its one less thing for me to cram into my diary twice a week.
We went on and did what I think was actually our best performance to date. Despite the stage manager standing behind our set and chatting through the entire play, quite audibly too.
As you know, I don't stick around for all the after show bollocks as its not why I go onstage, but I hear I got a favourable adjudication, which was nice. Suzanne's was positive. Kay's was not. It was felt she pitched too high or too low. Les, the plays author happened to be in that night (and what a lovely man he is too. Very touched he came down and saw us perform) and he made sure that the adjudicator knew in no uncertain terms, that actually, Kay was spot on with her portrayal of Rose, since it was based on his own Mother. It was at that point, when pressed, that Mr Fowler admitted that actually what he didn't like was that the play made him uncomfortable for being too realistic. Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Realism? In a drama? That's where I have been going wrong all these years.
Now I am glad I spent most of the start of the evening taking the piss out of his picture in the programme.

And now for some long overdue Doctor Who catching up!
All hail the Moff! How superb was that two parter? I am thinking that River Song will show up during series 5 at some point ... that would be a nice touch. She is, I am told, the new series stab at Bernice Summerfield, but since they don't have rights to her as a character, they have invented River Song to be her in all but name. In which case, lets def see more of her.
I do love the way SM takes the most basic of human fears and makes you shit your pants even more over them. Piranha like aliens that live in our shadows, blink and the angels will get you. I am so glad I am not watching this as a 7 year old. I'd need therapy. Oh who am I kidding, I do need therapy!
And I want a future sonic. That was cool! It has a red setting. You hear that Master and your laser wank? Red. HA!
Then this week was the delight of Midnight. I was so not convinced by the premise. Sounded like they were doing a cheap ep to save cash for some explosive finale or something. BAH! I thought. And then that fabulous study in all things nasty about human behaviour came along. I know plenty about paranoia and how the voices in your head convince you of something from nothing in 3 seconds flat - you ask Dan! So it was a relief to see its not just me. RTD clearly has the same issues to have come up with that. Expected nothing, but it delivered everything. Its nice to be wrong once in a while ...
... which i wasn't about the title of episode 12. The Stolen Earth. Which i said about 2 months ago ... when most forum users were wittering on about War on Skaro ... and a few select cunts, I mean individuals, flaming me to the point I left the new series threads and haven't been back since. I am told that a friend of mine has flaunted it in their faces a bit, in my absence that they were wrong ...
And now, I await Turn Left, like Smeagol looking at his food bowl in the mornings. Cannot wait. Then again, should have it in my paws tomorrow or weds, so that's good.
And what else is to come? Pictures have surfaced of a certain big bad and a red friend of his, that may or may not feature another returning character in its innards. Not as excited about that as I should be probably. Kind of waiting to see on that.
But of course, last week was the milestone that is 37.
I came into work on weds, first birthday I have worked in 19 years! But this was so that I could have Thursday and Friday off to go Baldock way and see Mark & Andrew. We had a trip to see Wicked (yes, again) on Thu night, with the free tickets I had managed to obtain via work. Being comps via marketing, I was expecting to be up in the nosebleeds, but was quite content with that. Imagine my surprise when I found we were in the middle of row H! Right at the front. Imagine my further surprise to find me old mucker David Stoller on stage playing Doctor Dillamond! Then imagine my anger at the silly cow behind me who couldn't see over my head and insisted on fake yawning and tutting through the entire first half. Even when I turned round and had a go at her for being a selfish cow, pointing It I had a large section of stage blocked by the hair of the man in front of me because he had a mohican thing ... actually, I can recall the exact words ..."I cant see much over his hair either, but unlike you I am not being selfish and disturbing it for anyone else so SHUT UP". But being an ignorant type, I don't think she even realised I was talking to her. In the interval, I pointed out some empty seats and suggested she moved. Which she did.
After the show, we eventually (because we had to wait for ever for Mark to go for a bloody wee) got to stage door to try and catch David .. but he had already gone. We did meet the main cast though and got a few autographs. The girl playing Elphaba signed my ticket, which is now framed in our hallway.
Naturally, because it was Mark & I, the entire night was an absolute scream.
Then Friday morning, after breakfast at the hotel listening to a mother and daughter have a conversation about dogging (I kid you not), we went to the Broadway for our private screening of The Wizard of Oz. Well worth seeing on the big screen, no matter how many Christmases you have seen it on the telly.
I was working Friday night, chaos that it was. Working Saturday, working Real Patrol and at the cinema Sunday .... and now feel like I could do with some sleep.

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Monday, 9 June 2008

Flying, Forever Young

I'm flying my colors so that everyone can see
Isn't this the perfect place to introduce me
To say that I'm different I'm special it's true
Let the magic of my colors put it's power on you

Hello old friend
It's good to be with you
Time is standing still
Our love... shines true and bright, it always will.
My wishing star, Has guided all you do.
My empty heart you fill,
We still feel... forever young.
Looking back, We're just the same, As we were when we began, This love will keep protecting us. Reach for me and I'll take your hand.
When we're apart,
Just close your eyes,
And you'll see me waiting there.
You can always count on me, I will always care.
My special friend, Inside my heart you stay, You'll be with me until, The sun... shines through the night, It never will.
My little star, You'll never fade away, The hands of diamond still... and will be, Forever young. Step up and take my hand, One touch... and we'll be friends, Forever.
Hello old friend, It's good to see you too,
Time is standing still, For we'll be... forever young.
Hello to you, It's nice to see your smile, Step up and take my hand, One touch and we'll be friends... forever.

You'll need a friend to get a big job done
I guess sometimes two heads are better than one
You'll need friend to let your feelings free
Sure could use someone to talk to me
So make a friend and let me take you there
When you think nobody cares Nobody cares
Nobody cares like a bear

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Crash Bang Wallop, what a picture

Its deffo an 'on' week. One of those weeks where its all happening and pacing is vital.
So naturally I have gone hell for leather and worn myself out already. And beat myself up over nothing, leading to more cock ups to beat myself over.
You know, the usual.
Starting with Monday then ... young Gareth has been quite ill, so I covered his shift at Showcase after finishing at Real ... was a bit of a dash as didn't have my uniform on me, so had to dive home, change and dive down there. Sex & the City and Indy are still selling out, so twas quite a busy one all round.
Tuesday was the working day as per, then a rehearsal in the evening. Now usually, Kay very kindly puts up with me betwixt work and Telstars, to save me diving home for the sake of a 30 min sit down and excess use of petrol, leading to growth of carbon footprint. But as my dining table is a prop in the play, and I cant be there Friday afternoon for the tech and set up stuff, somebody else needs to already have it so they can actually set the set. This meant I had to go home and get it of course. Then when we arrived at Century Wharf to use the function room, it was full. Of mostly old people. In a meeting. And they didn't look ready to leave any time soon. So Suzanne checked with the concierge (I know .. its only an estate of posh flats .. but they have a concierge! And a leisure suite - one of the bays best cruising grounds by all accounts but that's by the by). Suzanne then very discreetly and politely snuck in to advise them that their booking had ended at 7.00 and we were booked in from 7.00 til 10.00. To which their chairman became rude, verbally aggressive in tone and extremely unhelpful. He had an e-mail confirmation and that was that. Not prepared to discuss, negotiate or compromise in any way - he kept on about how confidential their meeting was. Suzanne, ever the courteous, remained calm and tried to deal with him. I however, didn't. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was bored with him now and to go back to his room and his secrets. When he tried to talk to me, my response was 'Did I ask you to speak to me? No, now go back in there, go on, I don't need to speak to you anymore, bored now, goodbye'. I thought Steve was going to need a crash team. Ive never seen him laugh so much.
Rehearsals then didn't go great. We genuinely seem to put in a worse performance each time we do it now. Hopefully being back in front of an audience will make a difference. But at the same time, I desperately do not want to win the festival now. I did for a while ... but now I really want to put this play to bed and to not have to do it anymore. We shall see.
Wednesday we had all been told we were banned from the office for the day. Its a particular thing management have with the sales team lately. Keep them out on the road as much as possible. True, they do seem to do an awful lot from their desks now, certainly much more than when I first started .. but mad schemes aren't really the answer. Performance management is, but that never going to happen here. So off I went as part of Team Fame, trying to collect as many business cards as possible and win the £100 team night out. Our area was Newport/Cwmbran/Pontypool kind of way. Mia had the idea of hitting printers ... and taking any excess business cards they may have printed. Only individual cards counted ... having 500 of one companies different members wasn't allowed. The weather was divine, so we had quite a scream running around randomly asking anyone and everyone for cards. I managed to spend a good half an hour at Mahmilad ..... used many times in Torchwood and Doctor Who, so that was exciting. I also did a proper Fame dance on the roof of the Real Mobile .. of which I hope to have photographic evidence shortly. We won, of course .. and won the award for most original ways of getting business cards. Not for me walking in on an old man having a wee, thinking it was just the works kitchen though. Well, the bloody door was open! I mean, in an open warehouse, even if it was a quiet day, would you stand there with your cock out taking a piss with the door open? Oh .. you would? Fair enough. So the upshot is, we have £200 for our team night out. And given we get 50& discount at Hard Rock, that's effectively 400 .. so we can afford to bring partners. Or just the four of us go but get completely wasted.
Last night was a typical orange weds. Most stuff sold out ... and my till was out. Cant work out why. Was very tired but don't think I made any horrendous mistakes. Except clearly i did. Fuck it.
I also reversed the Real Mobile into another car. Just couldn't see her behind me. Not even a scratch on eiterh vehicle luckily though.
Then I dropped my mobile, cracked the screen and now cant see anything on it. Fairly sure I opted out of insurance, after not needing it in 10 years of owning a mobile phone, so that would be about right then. Also 995 positive all my contacts are saved to the phone and not the sim, and I now cant see the screen to be able to copy them across. Hoping my Samsung PC Studio will copy them to my laptop so I can put them across to a new phone. And by new I mean my old one. Cant afford a new one and am 12 months away from my next free upgrade.
Still, BB is back tonight. *yawns*

Monday, 2 June 2008

Ouvrez le Thora Hird


Ah, what a weekend.
Not a bad rehearsal Friday night. I lost the end of one of my lines, which sadly meant Suzanne's following line would make no sense at all, so things ground to a halt. It happens.
Saturday was a up early for a fire drill they didn't actually make us do as not enough people showed up. A quick shufty round Tesco to get food in for the evening and then off to the airport to fetch Ally, swinging into town to pick up Dan McGrath en route home.
From here on, Dan McGrath will be called other Dan, with my Dan as Proper Dan. The diligent will spot the reference.
So we already had the lovely Mark Leete down with us, so we all spent the afternoon watching some classic Who and drinking wine. By we, I mean they as I was flapping around determined the evening was a success.
People began arriving from about 6.15 and by 7.00 we were all sat around silently waiting for Silence in the Library. Which I thought was very good. Lots of still moments, incredibly atmospheric .... and lots of questions to be answered. Luckily, we had the second part to put on, so we didn't have to wait long .... just til about 10.30 .... so I wont say too much and will review it in depth next week. Largely as i cant quite recall which bits happened in which part and don't want to give anything away. I was right about the fate of Donna and the library people though.
We had a few drinks, lots of chat, a quiz that had some very sore losers - well one in particular bless him, and I should probably have made more lasagne as it went down very well.
Eventually, after being the last two standing (chatting in the kitchen) Ally and I headed to bed about 2.00am
Sunday was all about the low key.
dropped Ally back at the airport ..... watched the last three eps of Ugly Betty season 2 (not a patch on the season 1 finale .. although i did chuckle at Naomi Campbells cameo), bit of ironing, bed!
And now, quite frankly, I could go to sleep right here at my desk - but wont ...

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