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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


No, not the rather good four part comic, with Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise NCC1701-E that leads into JJ Abrams rather good Star Trek movie. Although feel free to check that out - available now as a graphic novel.
I was thinking more of more generic wibbly wobbly timey wimey shit.
Isn't everything we do a constant countdown to something?
At the moment I have several.
One week and a few days til my Halloween party this year for my online Doctor Who chums. Although it has to be said, DW is a very small part of our friendship, it was really just a way of introduction. (And that new logo, thoughts? I love it)
After that I will then be running up to and planning the trip to London to see La Cage, courtesy of the lovely Sue, where I will again be meeting some online chums. Also need to do the main bulk of Project X that weekend. Can say no more about that.
Then there is the works Xmas do up in Manchester in December. Which I am expanding to encompass into a weekend to hang out with Robb, which will be fully awesome.
Which leaves mere weeks to get Christmas done and dusted. And somewhere in all this is three more Doctor Who specials to end the Tenth Doctors era (plus appearances in SJA, online/red button adventure Dreamland and an alleged Children in Need spesh).
The the year begins all over again with public holidays to sort out, birthdays to roll around once more ... but of course, the big one ... the one I am already on a countdown for and have been since my wedding was over......
Today marks 1 year and 4 days til the next big trip to Florida.
369 days, 8856 hours, 531,360 minutes .. give or take ....

But the one thing that occurred to me as part of a training day we had on Friday. All these times and dates, a set of rules we follow to make life easier - because we choose to.
What if you chose not to accept time as it is widely known? Why not say sod it. I am going to have a three month year, with 42 days in each month, 27.5 hours in each day and that's how I am living my life.
Granted, holding down a 'regular' job might be an issue, but if you manage to get yourself into some kind of e-commerce, what limits you?
I remember a customer when I worked in Cineworld in Stevenage who came and sat in the cafe to meet his friends to see a film. When i asked him what showing they were going to, he didn't know. He had no set time to meet them, because they were all people who do not subscribe to the clock as laid out. They don't follow time, but just believe that if they make rough plans, and the event is meant to be, they will all be there at the same time at some point.
He sat there for most of my shift and stayed when I went home and Bev came in.
What an amazing way to live your life. You have to be incredibly brave or incredibly stupid to manage it - and you could argue that the two aren't poles apart.
Plus incredibly rich or really not give a shit about money, I suspect.

Oh and the chap? Apparently, over the course of the evening, his chums did show up and they caught the film they were wanting to see. How cool is that?