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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Budget Barbie Camper

Saturday was the day we went to see Priscilla The Musical in London. It was a wedding gift from some good friends of ours.
Id been feeling rough since weds, but was damned if I was missing it, so just went and sweated a lot.
And so glad I did. Its AWESOME
Not only do they manage all the costume and make up changes, but they really do have the bus on stage ... and it moves!
All the ABBA references are changed to Kylie, including the priceless moment when Jason Donovan says 'Quite fancied Scott myself' ... genius casting.
Its quite a lovely touch that when singing as narrative, the actors perform, when the characters prance around in women's clothing mouthing the words to other peoples songs, three heavenly Divas fly down from the sky and sing for them.
And a Kylie medley!
Go ... you'll have a blast! Its just been extended to February with the current cast.
Just watch you don't get hit by a ping pong ball.................


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