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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Silence Will Fall...

things seem to be hotting up.
Ive managed to get my paws on a preview of this weeks Doctor Who .... and its not one to record and watch later. Unless you can alienate yourself from all ways people can accidentally give away a few things.

I like these Silurians. Sure they seem to be part Luxan with the tongue lash thing, but fun, aren't they?

And did you spot the Doctor's line giving us even bigger red flags and neon signs to the Pandora's Box nature of the Pandorica ... there is always hope.
And with this 2 part story being among my likes this year, at least it means I have now liked more than not ..... it was looking a bit equal there for a few weeks.

Totally separate, I am off to Cardiff Bay shortly to my thing as a six foot dog. In a wedding dress.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Doctor McFly?

A friend of mine has come up with a very interesting theory, which I have spent today investigating.
In Flesh & Stone, the angels nick the Doctors jacket just before he runs into the forest. There is the business with Amy and the angel in her eye.... before the Doctor leaves her sat on the rock stump thing. He then returns and tells Amy that she needs to trust him, do what he says, and remember what he told her when he was 7.
Thing is, he has his jacket on.
Yes, maybe its a huge continuity gaffe - but what if it isnt? What if to fix everything, he is going back over his adventures and doing stuff, setting things up.
Go back and watch The Eleventh Hour again.
He tells her to do as he tells her, not ask stupid questions and don't wander off.
He tells her that sometimes grown up lie to make you believe things are ok when they are not: Everything's going to be alright.
Then, we see her sat waiting on her suitcase for him. The camera pans back into the kitchen and a man runs very quickly through the shot - this 'Future Doctor' back to make sure things happen?
Later when he returns 12 years later, we see a him trying to get into Prisoner Zeros room, from the point of view of room next to the radiator - since the next thing that happens is Amy whacks him with a cricket bat, we naturally assume it was her POV we were looking from .... but in that case she gets down that landing very fast and silently to hit the Doctor..... maybe it wasn't Amy's eyes we were looking through...
Then, just before the Doctor returns to finally take Amy away, the night before the wedding, as the TARDIS 'brakes' are heard grinding, and we briefly see Amelia sat on her suitcase ... in daylight ... reacting to the TARDIS arrival...... before we cut back to Amy in her bed.

The Beast Below: TARDIS arrives on Starship UK. The Doctor is barely out of the door and we see him in the screen with the crying little girl, he waves for Amy to join them. He then sets Amy up on her investigation, saying it took 4 attempts to get the girls purse. Seems he has been there a lot longer than the 40 odd seconds its been for Amy.... Maybe he hadn't even left the TARDIS, and this was Future Doctor?

We have also had these snippets that River Song was in prison for killing some man, a great man, the best. We also know that the explosion that causes the crack is still out there and that the Pandorica will open and silence will fall. It would take an event/object the importance of the Doctor to stop it..... are we being lead to think she throws the Doctor to it to stop it? And if one falls into the Pandorica, once all of the evils of the universe have escaped, are you left with hope? And what form would that take? Your faithful companion? Your most faithful companion - your TARDIS?
Then again, allegedly, somebody else taught River to pilot the TARDIS - surely somebody else of equal stature?
And there are bound to be red herrings..... and this could all be bollocks, but its fun theorising, isn't it?

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Go Go Dalek Rangers!

New Daleks! That had Power Rangers for parents. Lovely.
There seems to be a lot of fuss about their arses. Cant say I noticed myself. Was too busy watching the plot zoom by faster than a speeding spitfire in space.

So Amy doesn't remember the Daleks stealing the Earth?
I am putting money on this relating to that robot scientist chappie (lets call him Pinocchio, yeah?). The village he described, although it had a different name, sounded a whole lot like Leadworth where Amy is from.

And will every episode end with a gratuitous shot of Amy's crack?

Friday, 16 April 2010


Decidedly underwhelmed by The Beast Below.
Bit confused - when did Amy record the message to herself?
Why did they rehash Meat and Planet of the Ood and think it was good for episode 2?
Still, daleks this week. *yawn* When are the Cybermen back?

Ritual for Dolls is going well.
First time I get to use the full makeup and Golly head will be in front of an audience, which is fine, but just means if it looks crap or needs any changes, its tough.
The play is certainly strong enough to get through to the Welsh Final, possibly even British up in Glasgow in June ... but part of me hopes not as it clashes directly with the Who finale.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm the Easter Bunny!

Apart from, I'm not, actually.
But I could have been.

Another bank holiday weekend, another few days of driving somebody to lots of Doctor Who locations. Not that I object, I love it!
Highlights this time around included the Doctor Who roadshow complete with free Doctor Who 3d specs, and a Monster Pageant that consisted of one Judoon and one Cyberman making lots of small children scream and cry.
Oh and some free lenticular stickers.
We had a trip to Llandaff village green, which doubled as Leadworth in The Eleventh Hour this week. I also own a new 11th Doctor sonic too.
Pictorial evidence of all of these on the Face of Book.

So ... that new series then?
Totally loving it.
I am in the minority who love the new theme and titles. Nearly exploded at that. Awesome. I also have a feeling that at some point I am going to tell somebody "You're Scottish. Fry something"
I also tried dipping fish fingers in custard last night. And its gorgeous!! Sadly, custard isn't something I can have too often as its a bit dairytastic.

Now, for my usual series starter theories and observations....
Myth (with a Greek looking Y) .... surely you'd just leave the laptop unbranded if it didn't mean anything, right? One myth being the story of Pandora's Box .... The Pandorica, the box that opens from the inside? Plus this leads nicely into the whole dark fairytale thing....
We had an apple, Green one side, Red the other, like in Snow White. The Doctor bites it and claims Amelia has tried to poison him.....
Amy is whisked away just before midnight, just before marrying her charming prince .... just like Cinderella.
No ducks?
Cracks in the universe. Just why was the Doctor looking at something the very shape of said crack on his monitor when he came back for Amy? And while we are on that one, the TARDIS seems to be quite happy taking the Doctor where he wants to be, but not when (although it has done that a lot across the many years Who has been on air)
We shall see.

And thank goodness he wont be saying 'who da man' again

Friday, 19 March 2010

Shameless Plug

A good friend of mine is being published.

Buy it here bitches or kittens will die.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Today marked my either my third or fifth Welsh lesson ... depending on whether you count the online videos we have to do away from class as lessons.

A few people have asked why I am doing this now. Do I need to speak Welsh for work or to live here? No. I very rarely come into contact with the language, without an English version of whatever publication being on the reverse. I have dealt with the Welsh Language Board for work, but everyone has been bilingual, so its not as if Ive ever had to sit in a conversation and not know what was being said around me.
Even most Welsh people I know consider it to be a dying language and find the enforced bilingual nature of things by the WAG to be a waste of money.
Again, when you look at my class, I am the only English person. The others are all Welsh but are learning as beginners - and some doing as badly as I am!

I cant say I finding it easy, like say French was at school. Is that due to the nature of the language or that I was taught French from 11 - 16 and i am now 38?

I cant say that I am massively worried whether I pass or fail at this. Just having had a go and picked up a few things will be enough for me - because its an understanding that I want to gain.
I'm not doing this to be able to write blogs in Welsh. Or hold a conversation (although that would be nice) .... but its helping me pronounce words and places that do crop up in my daily life.
Road signs are bilingual - which is fine when you see a sign to Newport/Casnewydd ... because I can read the Newport bit and know where I am going. But the overhead matrix signs will often be one or the other - again fine if you drive for 10 miles and see both versions, but there have been occasions where I have only been on the main road long enough to see one or the other.... so a basic understanding there would be advantageous.
Its knowing how to say Yrstrad Mynach without looking like a cock.
Knowing why a Y can be about 6 different vowels sounds and when each applies.
And its just good manners.
One thing I notice in a lot of comments from friends and family, particularly those in the London area more than say Manchester... is that they are actually have a very racist attitude to Welsh people and don't even realise it. On more than one occasion, one chum in particular has shown massive ignorance in this way, and made comments implying that Wales is a bit backwards, behind the times and its population maybe not as intelligent as English counterparts - and one of my most pc friends, whom I would usually watch my P's & Q's around.
As Blon Fell Fotch Passameer Day Slitheen said, the whole of the south wales coast could fall into the Bristol channel and London wouldn't notice.

I'll say one thing, its one fucked up language though..........

Diolch N fawr.