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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Go Go Dalek Rangers!

New Daleks! That had Power Rangers for parents. Lovely.
There seems to be a lot of fuss about their arses. Cant say I noticed myself. Was too busy watching the plot zoom by faster than a speeding spitfire in space.

So Amy doesn't remember the Daleks stealing the Earth?
I am putting money on this relating to that robot scientist chappie (lets call him Pinocchio, yeah?). The village he described, although it had a different name, sounded a whole lot like Leadworth where Amy is from.

And will every episode end with a gratuitous shot of Amy's crack?

Friday, 16 April 2010


Decidedly underwhelmed by The Beast Below.
Bit confused - when did Amy record the message to herself?
Why did they rehash Meat and Planet of the Ood and think it was good for episode 2?
Still, daleks this week. *yawn* When are the Cybermen back?

Ritual for Dolls is going well.
First time I get to use the full makeup and Golly head will be in front of an audience, which is fine, but just means if it looks crap or needs any changes, its tough.
The play is certainly strong enough to get through to the Welsh Final, possibly even British up in Glasgow in June ... but part of me hopes not as it clashes directly with the Who finale.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm the Easter Bunny!

Apart from, I'm not, actually.
But I could have been.

Another bank holiday weekend, another few days of driving somebody to lots of Doctor Who locations. Not that I object, I love it!
Highlights this time around included the Doctor Who roadshow complete with free Doctor Who 3d specs, and a Monster Pageant that consisted of one Judoon and one Cyberman making lots of small children scream and cry.
Oh and some free lenticular stickers.
We had a trip to Llandaff village green, which doubled as Leadworth in The Eleventh Hour this week. I also own a new 11th Doctor sonic too.
Pictorial evidence of all of these on the Face of Book.

So ... that new series then?
Totally loving it.
I am in the minority who love the new theme and titles. Nearly exploded at that. Awesome. I also have a feeling that at some point I am going to tell somebody "You're Scottish. Fry something"
I also tried dipping fish fingers in custard last night. And its gorgeous!! Sadly, custard isn't something I can have too often as its a bit dairytastic.

Now, for my usual series starter theories and observations....
Myth (with a Greek looking Y) .... surely you'd just leave the laptop unbranded if it didn't mean anything, right? One myth being the story of Pandora's Box .... The Pandorica, the box that opens from the inside? Plus this leads nicely into the whole dark fairytale thing....
We had an apple, Green one side, Red the other, like in Snow White. The Doctor bites it and claims Amelia has tried to poison him.....
Amy is whisked away just before midnight, just before marrying her charming prince .... just like Cinderella.
No ducks?
Cracks in the universe. Just why was the Doctor looking at something the very shape of said crack on his monitor when he came back for Amy? And while we are on that one, the TARDIS seems to be quite happy taking the Doctor where he wants to be, but not when (although it has done that a lot across the many years Who has been on air)
We shall see.

And thank goodness he wont be saying 'who da man' again