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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Silence Will Fall...

things seem to be hotting up.
Ive managed to get my paws on a preview of this weeks Doctor Who .... and its not one to record and watch later. Unless you can alienate yourself from all ways people can accidentally give away a few things.

I like these Silurians. Sure they seem to be part Luxan with the tongue lash thing, but fun, aren't they?

And did you spot the Doctor's line giving us even bigger red flags and neon signs to the Pandora's Box nature of the Pandorica ... there is always hope.
And with this 2 part story being among my likes this year, at least it means I have now liked more than not ..... it was looking a bit equal there for a few weeks.

Totally separate, I am off to Cardiff Bay shortly to my thing as a six foot dog. In a wedding dress.


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