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Monday, 15 March 2010

I'm A Slacker.

yes, I have just re watched the Back to the Future films.
They look fucking awful on an HD ready TV on DVD - Blurays please Universal!

So yeah.

Where was I?

Had I been to see Avatar? Wow. Totally loved it. Yes, the story was clearly written on the back of Cameron's hand while he was having a wank. I suspect he had his target audience in mind though ... the American Public, and while I really shouldn't generalise .... oh you know what I am saying.
That and I would watch Sam Worthington read the phone book and love it..... and by it I mean him ... and by love I mean willy fun.

I am guessing I had made the transition to bluray and bought the 37 inch 720 thingy telly?

Had I done the End of Time? Bobbins wasn't it? But fun bobbins all the same. I always say that Festive Who needs to be bobbins. I know a lot of the educated professionals don't agree ... but the 12/13 million viewers ever year seem to put me firmly in the 'right again' column. So that's that.

Matt Smith eh? Looking good I think ... although 'sources' say there's trouble at mill ..... we shall see.

Alice in Wonderland? Been yet? Not as good as you hope but nowhere near as bad as they are saying, I think you will find. While The Red Queen seems to draw more attention, it was her White counterpart who stole the show for me....... for all her airs and graces (hilarious) I found something actually very sinister lurking there and was disappointed that it didn't actually come to anything. The whiter than white hair, skin, frock, with black lips and dark eyes & eyebrows. Then her vile ingredients for the spell....... a wasted set up or am I seeing what isn't there?
Gotta love Fry's Cheshire Cat too.

Of course, we are now on the path to hopefully becoming Foster Carers too. We had a very initial assessment and went on a course as an introduction ... now waiting to be assigned a caseworker before we go to panel and make the grade or not .....

And the flowers I planted last Autumn have a semi success rate .... the crocus are up and lovely .... not sign of my snowdrops or Narcissus.... but I think I planted them in too much shade. That will teach me.

Are you up to date with Ugly Betty? If not .. at least catch the episode with the Drag Wilhelmina .... hilarious. I have watched Pushing Daisies in its entirety too. Can see why it didn't last but I did love it.

And you MUST be following RuPauls Drag Race....... season 3 needs to be the UK Race........


  • At 1:47 pm, Anonymous The most esteemed Doctor Oddverse said…

    I think Pushing Daisies was a victim of the writer's strike. In the UK, of course, it was on ITV. And they missed out an episode.

    Fortunately, god gave us Glee

  • At 5:20 pm, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    And the Gleeks shall inherit the Earth. Its in the bible and everything.


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