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Friday, 24 April 2009

Bad Paul

Ive been a bit shit with this of late, havent I?
Its all down to time, Proper Job and Other Jon don't leave a great deal of it you see. And what I do get, I then do my damnedest to actually have a life.
So all in brief.
Planet of the Dead. Camp Nonsense, but you know how I love my Doctor Who Camp Nonsense on a Bank Holiday. I actually got to see it a day early and on a big screen.
I know! How cool is that? They had a Dalek (meh) and a Cyberman (YAY).
A quick look at the pictures on my facebook page will tell you that I have also been out and about a bit.
A new quiz for Easter for my forum pals, a few trips out with various Squee's, Bad Wolf Bay, Paintball - and man I LOVED the paintball, there's the next Florida trip booked for October 2010, starting weight watchers, Who chasing ..... its all keeping me vitalised and in one piece mentally.

But lets discuss Who theory.
Herein may contain spoilery goodness, depending on your point of view.
I always said that 4 specials, would go thus:
Camp Nonsense (ting! 10 points for the Cub in the corner), Traditional scary monster story, Two Part Finale Balls to the wall fan wank apocalyptic extravaganza.
Looks like I may well be right, based on odd bits of filming that Ive caught and the Waters of Mars trailer. Speaking of Waters of Mars, which as is the case these days, is being referred to as WoM .... which if you say aloud, sounds like you are flexing a lightsabre .... I am predicting its going to be shown as part of Children in Need. Everyone, and I mean everyone else thinks I'm barking with that theory and for those people I have three words.
The Five Doctors.
And it looks pretty much entirely set in a Biodome on Mars - yet they filmed a snowy street scene outside Tree's flat in Feb ... the TARDIS arriving and Doctor, older lady MILF companion type and two youngsters and a WALL*E thing emerge ... and Ood Sigma. So guessing that's the end!
And for the finale, rumours of returning companions en masse again. Donna, Wilf, Syvlia, Sarah Jane and Luke all seen filming on location so far. Maybe sightings of John Simm .... but although we have seen plenty of new scenes filmed, we have also seen them back at a lot of previously used locations, leading to a little theorem of mine.
I think, as part of the shenanigans, the Doctor may be breaking the holiest of holy Time Lord rules and buggering about in his own timeline. Think Back to the Future part II, when Marty goes back to Hill Valley in 1955, and is running around trying not to bump into himself ..... lord knows how or why this occurs, but its a theory Ive had for a few months, and I'm not seeing too much that dissuades me from it yet.
We'll see over Christmas I suppose!


  • At 5:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good to have you back (although I understand that 'having a life' idea - understand in a purely theoretical way, anyway!).

    I don't think you're barking about Children In Need; I just hope you're wrong. Things have moved on since The 5 - now it'd be split into multiple parts to allow for more fundraising opportunities and there'd be a bloody logo and phone numbers crawling along the bottom of the screen continually. Not how I want to see my Who.

    And as for the finale, one rumour I've heard is that someone (the Master?) is trying to wipe out the Doctor's past, causing him to revisit key moments to stop them. Two things here: 1) it could explain John Simms' return without him being the Big Bad, and 2) it'll tie itself up in knots with time paradoxes, you watch...

  • At 5:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oops, all that above was from me,

    John, Letchworth


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