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Thursday, 26 October 2006

my day in briefs .. or boxers I'm not fussed

Slept like a log last night ..... then got up, had a shave and a shower, realised now I no longer have beard I can colour my hair again without it looking odd, left for work, turned round at the traffic lights to come back for my lunch, left again, turned back without even leaving the drive as realised had forgotten disc with film footage for end of play on .... took short cuts to avoid traffic as had eventually left for work at 8.25 for an 8.30 start and it takes around 40 mins to do the 12 min drive in the mornings, got halfway down Nant Garw hill and realised had also forgotten masking tape i bought specifically to tape down the cable for the UV light in show so had to go home at lunchtime anyway.... then sorted a few bits of packing ... went back into house to get said tape I had gone home for ..... this giving you an idea of what its like in my head?

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

The show must go on

So last night was the last rehearsal for A Midsummer Nights Dream. So arriving at the theatre to find it was double booked and we couldnt have it until 9.00pm was not a good thing. Needless to say, Kay spoke to the manager and they other group were booted into a function room so wec ould have at least 1 rehearsal on our set........ and it went very well ... not brilliant but well enough for me to get some sleep.

and only 3 days to Florida. Hopefully my dream of last night wont come true and the wing wont fall off the plane half way there. Then again, my mum wont be on the flight and we wont have to dock at rotating airports in the sky either.

Monday, 23 October 2006

Sneak preview of the new series of Doctor Who, revealing the Doctors new outfit.

or not

So, friday! Yes, I was extremely fortunate to be given a tour of the sets at Upper Boat and have been given wonderful jewels of knowledge that I cannot reveal here. I shant bore you with the details ... you can read my full report here http://torchwoodtv.blogspot.com/2006/10/straight-from-hub.html and of course you can see my pic on my previous entry.

Torchwood launched last night with the first two episodes. I know not all the readers of my blog will have seen it yet, so will not give spoilers and just make these points:
1. It makes Cardiff look beautiful. Dont be fooled. Its also a little weird seeing things you see every day on a tv show like that. Its not the same with Who as its usually side streets and hidden away places pretending to be London.
2. If they can keep this up, I can see it out running Who as its boundaries are not as limited.
3. I want to die like that bloke in the club toilets. Youll know when you see it.

And just 5 days until FLorida.....
which means just 3 days to opening night of A Midsummer Nights Dream.

oh fuck.

Friday, 20 October 2006

A picture says 1000 words

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Leave Her Alone

Ok, this one will be a rant.

Madonna. You all know I am a huge fan. But the press really needs to BACK THE FUCK OFF this time with the adoption thing.

There is a general under current every time there is a major charity type do (yer Live Aids and wotnot) that why are all these stars not just donating x thousand or million to the cause? Why are they always just giving their time for free (I expect they donate also but we the masses arent privvy to that bit) and asking us to shell out the very little cash we have. When there was the make poverty history ads running in cinemas and on tv, a lot of people were saying that if it only required x million to clear the worlds problems, why not just make all of these Hollywood stars and pop legends give a million each? surely you could get a good 300 of them to each shell out a million minimum and they wouldnt notice and suddenly the whole world benefits? And that does make sense and maybe should happen.


As soon as one person does do something really positive, the hounds are out. How dare she adopt! Why in all lord of fuck shouldnt she? Madonna has earned her money the same as I earned mine (granted there is a great deal of difference in the tally of figures in that bank balance but whatever) so why should she not do as she sees fit? I choose to give £1 a week to Ty Hafan the childrens hospice for Wales, I choose to hand out cash to Big Issue sellers but dont take the magazine so they have the cash and a chance of one more sale, I give spare change to those people in Asda's lobby if I have it and support what they do. So if Madonna is giving a child a better life .. and lets face it, if anyone can give a kid a better life, she can.... then who is anybody to stand in the way? She also gave money to the village, she has set up a charity to assist with the aids epidemic (or do we say pandemic these days?) and the problems in Malawi. Bottom line, she has done more than Sir Bob has .. did he ever take a child away from Ethiopa? Not that I recall. he gets knighted, Madonna gets launched at.

There needs to be a backlash against the paparazzi and the gutter press.

Madonna (should you drop by .. unlikley I know) good on you! Lets hope some of your colleagues and wannabies take up from your lead.

Then again ..... the idea of Britney and a small african child?

Tuesday, 17 October 2006




cant get the embed thing to work at all.
keeps giving me a broken link or some such wanky message and now wont delete my test posts either.
maybe blogger is fucked today.

5 Star Entry

sounds rude eh?

I have been trying to post an entry for the last hour or so with you tube links and or clips but it wont play.

So go and find the clip of 5 Star doing songs from Peter Pan .... its gold I tell you.

This all began because Kelly here is having her 30th birthday next month and its compulsory fancy dress as a pop star from the last 30 years. My original plan was to get three of us: one in a graduate outfit, another as a thermometer and the last as a protractor and be The Three Degrees, but then we thought of 5 Star and I was trying to explain to Tree what 5 Star were all about with their homemade spnagly jump suits et al ..... and then we found a mine of videos of them on you tube. If I can get it to work, I will post the actual vids later


Monday, 16 October 2006

It'll Be Alright on the Night

SO Friday was the first full run through of A Midsummer Nights Dream. I was expecting a total abortion, I got a very good first half and a shaky second half. Relieved only vaguely covers it.

I also discovered that the sound effects I worked so very hard on seem to cause hysterical laughter. Now, working in a production team at a radio station, I could so have easily just gone through all of our stuff here and just ripped the sound onto disc, but as I am developing my talents in sound editing to be a back up producer here, thought I'd give it a go at home, trawling my own cd's and the internet to make up my own stuff. So, for acts 4 & 5 I need a flourish of trumpets. I also happen to have Pink Elephants on Parade on cd .... which features lots of trumpets ..... So I cut the audio of just the trumpets and horns, slowed it down, added echo and effect ... and there you have it. Its not perfect but I was dead proud of it.

We have had a slow weekend ... on purpose! Rich came down Friday and watched my rehearsal .... he seemed to like it. Shelley then arrived saturday and we have just been sat on the sofa all weekend, watching my old music videos as I converted them to dvd. Its amazing the shit you forget. Also, MTV back then was Europe wide so there are lots of songs that never even broke over here that I have on tape. Its like a little goldmine of late 80's music.......... if that's a good thing.

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

I'm Still Standing

barely. The virus wont budge, no matter what I do or do not do so am now back at work and carrying on with my life and trying to ignore it.

However, I did manage to watch two whole series of American Dad while I was off. Dan had been trying to get me to watch it for ages but you know how it is ..... some things just have to catch you at the right moment. So now I am addicted and have to admit to a very strange girly crush on Stan, the American Dad of the title. Yes, its weird, I don't understand either. Deal with it. Also cant quite work out why I think of Mark Rainbow every time Roger the Alien does anything. I don't think its the bald thing...............

Also caught Slither which I loved and The Devil Wears Prada ...which I REALLY loved!

So with that, lots of sleeping, some audio editing to get my sound effects for A Midsummer Nights Dream ..... and um ... that be about it for the last 7 days.

Go see the video for Madonna's Jump on you tube or on her blog (madonnasthoughts.blogspot). I think its wicked.

Friday, 6 October 2006

Mucus Man

Feel like 7 kinds of shite (why 7? How many are there and which 7 do you suppose I feel like?) as have been laid up with flu since last thing tuesday night. I had had a bad rehearsal and was feeling a bit mooky and was considering some moon barking to cheer myself up. But I couldn't even muster the energy or enthusiasm for that. That's when I realised I had the dreaded lurgy that is going about, rushed home, took a lemsip and crashed for the night hoping to be all revived and rejuvenated in the morning.




So weds, I slept a lot, took more lemsip but tried to keep myself going as long as poss and let my body deal with it as in the past I have found that a lemsip every 4 hours on the dot relieves the symptoms but masks the problem. Better to just give the immune system a helping hand rather than try and let medicine do the work for it. Thu was no better - hot and cold flushes, aches and pains all over, sneezing and snot everywhere. Today is a mile improvement. For the first time in many years, my nasal passage is completely clear. My back and shoulders still feel like several Feegles (Crivens! Nac Mac Feegles - go look them up) have been at them with hammers, my head feels like its made of steel (oh, maybe I am turning into a cyberman) but at least today my eyes don't hurt when I look at anything ... be it book, pc or tv.

So I am giving my body one more day to get over this. Then its getting dragged kicking and screaming into normal life again, like it or not.

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Weekendage continued

I just realised I only got as far as telling you about half of the weekend.
I was telling you about Collectormania being not as good as it used to be and the horrendous freaks that seem to attend it these days. Right? Well, there wasn't much to say about it really. When I started going, Harry Potter movies were a new thing, Lord of the Rings wasn't a complete trilogy yet, Star Wars still had a chapter to go, Farscape had just finished, Charmed, Enterprise and just about every other sci fi and fantasy show were all still going... they guests used to be really good. The last few have had no interest to me at all. I think its a sign of how fandom has generally moved on and the geeks grow fewer as the shows become more mainstream. Just take current Doctor Who. I fucking love it. However, most (not all, I hasten to add) old skool Whovians I know think RTD is satan and ought to be burned. I have had many a heated discussion with one guy in particular who only watches the new show to rip it apart. He feels its too family orientated and has far too much comedy in it. I have tried to explain how much the world has changed since Tom Baker was The Doctor but he will not budge.
But I digress
So Who, Battlestar and various others have become all about telling a decent story. The sci fi is almost secondary ... but I think this is a good thing. Star Trek Voyager fucked sci fi. Don't get me wrong, Kate Mulgrew was an amazing actress for all 7 years .. but the technobabble ... ugh! And don't even start me on the rest button (for those of you who don't know, the reset button was a never seen magic button that somehow got pressed between every episode so that no matter what happened in one story, none of it had any consequence on the next unless it was a two parter. Ship blown to buggery? Rest button fixes all. Half a nacelle hanging off in closing shot? No problem! Hit the reset button in minute 45 and its right as raindrops by the opening of next weeks show) then of course they brought in 7 of 9 and it just became about how big they could make her tits look each week. So thank goodness for Farscape. It hugely changed sci fi. If you haven't seen it, go now and find some.

So ....... after a lovely meal with Mark, Lyanne and Steve at TGI's with a waiter who was very loud and brash while serving but a mincing queen the second he walked away from the table, we then drove down the country route to Swindon to spend a few hours with Rach. always lovely to see her. Then home......... through torrential rain.

Oh, and at Mark's we finally got to try my Disney princess hot chocolates that change colour. Very sickly and there's something about drinking a bright purple drink that feels wrong.

Monday, 2 October 2006

Is this really what they think we want?

I received my first complaint today for a piece of work I had written. RESULT!

Its like this. It was for a kind of upper middle class type car, often used by business people these days, or big family cars, maybe a family where the parents are reasonably well paid, sounds a bit like cloudy, or rowdy. Now, car ads make up a large portion of our advertising and none of them have anything more exciting than the make of car and price. And there are so many, finding a new creative angle is a bastard every month. So this particular dealer, that sounds a bit like howdy without the H, have a dead nice showroom with internet pcs, a coffee shop and so forth, so I decided to make this the feature the script was based around. Picture it, two guys discussing needing to get out and go car shopping but the Mrs will never allow it when there are shoes to be bought kind of scenario. Its crap and a total stereotypical misrepresentation of real life, you'd think listeners will appreciate it in the same way that they all appreciate mother in law jokes .. even if their own mother in law is really nice, dead or maybe they aren't married. The punchline of the script went similar to as follows (for legal reasons, I cant actually reproduce it)
Man: Lets go to the new car showroom on saturday!
Woman: (disappointed) oh
Man: there's a coffee shop
woman: Woohoo!
And that generated the following letter (edited and best read in a Dawn French style character):

I don't usually complain about this sort of thing but on this occasion I feel I should. I understand that your advert is encouraging people to visit your showroom, which is fine. However, I cringe when I hear how over excited the wife is when her husband informs her that there is a coffee bar there. I'm sure that many women would be insulted by the innuendo that women would need the temptation of a coffee bar to look around your showroom. personally I like XXX cars and would not need such a shallow temptation. Surely the coffee bar should be promoted as a perk for everyone.

Love it.

You don't own me

So I need to cut back somewhere with the spending and have known for months I can get cheaper car insurance, as the men on the telly are always telling me I can, and why would they lie? So I decided to sort it out today so that come next payday, instead of the extortionate £94 I pay the AA each month, maybe I will just pay around 50 to somebody new. Interestingly, the AA re-quote at 63 .......

I am extremely tired after kicking the weekend off on friday with yet another migraine (or maybe its brain tumour and I will start developing mysterious telekinetic and telepathic powers, causing all around me to think I have been gifted by alien beings, only to be tested by Data from TNG who will be amazed at my powers. Of course this would mean I would have to die along to an Eric Clapton song and leave Dan swinging on a porch crying with Smeagol, so maybe I will just leave all of that to John Travolta in Phenomenon. Wedon'tt have a porch swing for one thing). Saturday meant a drive up to a wedding in Luton. We arrived early enough for me to try and seesomem family first and I ended up grabbing a bite to eat from a chicken shop I used to go to when I lived there myself. The chap asked me how I was as hehadn'tt seen me latelyandn was I doing ok. I pointed out that I have been living in Wales for a few weeks short of 2 years now..... was I that regular before that he still remembered me so well? We then picked Shelley up and went totheh wedding reception .... which was lovely if a tad unconventional. It wasbrilliantt to see Caroline and she looked stunning, buttheh guy doing the MC bit really needed a bit more oomph.

As we had other places to be, we couldn'tt stick around too long and had to duck out just after the speeches. We then went over to Mark's and he had a cake, cards and gifts for Dan for his birthdaytheh previous week .. .which was dead sweet. He also had a copy of Peter Pan in Scarlet for me .... now, I knew this was coming out around now but had totally missed its release somehow. To say I was excited to own a copy is a mild understatement!

Sunday was collectormania. Bored of it now. Fact. Have been to it twice a year for four years running and its just packed with some of the worse geeks and nerds imaginable. Now,don'tt get me wrong, I wear my sci fi uber geekiness colours proudly on my sleeve. ButIi wash, shower, weardeodorantt, leave the house...etc. A lot of these guys appear not to. And I was not Mr Tolerance yesterday, so anyone too close to me with any kind of body odour issue got a look at best and a loud comment at worse. Until Mark and I started playing 'yours'
You never play Yours?
Its easy. Wait until some troll ugly overweight greasey person lumbers by and then turn toyouru friend and say 'yours'. The implication being that said person of offensive appearance is your lover. This can then be developed into 'your mum' or 'you in a previous life'. try it. Makes one feel beautifully superior.
At this point I have to say, I have totally no issue with any persons weight, size or otherwise - I mean, have you seen me? But I do take issue with anyone whodoesn'tt keep a basic level of hygiene and dress sense. You can be stick thin or 10 stone overweight but recognise what you are and dress for who you are and you can look as fabulous as the next person. Iwouldl say most of my friends are the larger side of the so called average but they all look fabulous all of the time! Then of course there are Rach and Rich who claim to be enormous and are actually just right. The buffoons.