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Monday, 2 October 2006

You don't own me

So I need to cut back somewhere with the spending and have known for months I can get cheaper car insurance, as the men on the telly are always telling me I can, and why would they lie? So I decided to sort it out today so that come next payday, instead of the extortionate £94 I pay the AA each month, maybe I will just pay around 50 to somebody new. Interestingly, the AA re-quote at 63 .......

I am extremely tired after kicking the weekend off on friday with yet another migraine (or maybe its brain tumour and I will start developing mysterious telekinetic and telepathic powers, causing all around me to think I have been gifted by alien beings, only to be tested by Data from TNG who will be amazed at my powers. Of course this would mean I would have to die along to an Eric Clapton song and leave Dan swinging on a porch crying with Smeagol, so maybe I will just leave all of that to John Travolta in Phenomenon. Wedon'tt have a porch swing for one thing). Saturday meant a drive up to a wedding in Luton. We arrived early enough for me to try and seesomem family first and I ended up grabbing a bite to eat from a chicken shop I used to go to when I lived there myself. The chap asked me how I was as hehadn'tt seen me latelyandn was I doing ok. I pointed out that I have been living in Wales for a few weeks short of 2 years now..... was I that regular before that he still remembered me so well? We then picked Shelley up and went totheh wedding reception .... which was lovely if a tad unconventional. It wasbrilliantt to see Caroline and she looked stunning, buttheh guy doing the MC bit really needed a bit more oomph.

As we had other places to be, we couldn'tt stick around too long and had to duck out just after the speeches. We then went over to Mark's and he had a cake, cards and gifts for Dan for his birthdaytheh previous week .. .which was dead sweet. He also had a copy of Peter Pan in Scarlet for me .... now, I knew this was coming out around now but had totally missed its release somehow. To say I was excited to own a copy is a mild understatement!

Sunday was collectormania. Bored of it now. Fact. Have been to it twice a year for four years running and its just packed with some of the worse geeks and nerds imaginable. Now,don'tt get me wrong, I wear my sci fi uber geekiness colours proudly on my sleeve. ButIi wash, shower, weardeodorantt, leave the house...etc. A lot of these guys appear not to. And I was not Mr Tolerance yesterday, so anyone too close to me with any kind of body odour issue got a look at best and a loud comment at worse. Until Mark and I started playing 'yours'
You never play Yours?
Its easy. Wait until some troll ugly overweight greasey person lumbers by and then turn toyouru friend and say 'yours'. The implication being that said person of offensive appearance is your lover. This can then be developed into 'your mum' or 'you in a previous life'. try it. Makes one feel beautifully superior.
At this point I have to say, I have totally no issue with any persons weight, size or otherwise - I mean, have you seen me? But I do take issue with anyone whodoesn'tt keep a basic level of hygiene and dress sense. You can be stick thin or 10 stone overweight but recognise what you are and dress for who you are and you can look as fabulous as the next person. Iwouldl say most of my friends are the larger side of the so called average but they all look fabulous all of the time! Then of course there are Rach and Rich who claim to be enormous and are actually just right. The buffoons.


  • At 2:33 pm, Blogger Danny said…

    Excuse me but I intend to bury the Cat with you. And the music shall be something from Madonna, Kylie, and maybe something form Scissor Sisters.

    Yeah it was fun sitting between you and Mark Rainbow when you were playing the 'yours' game. And i always thought I could be smelly until you go to collectormania and walk past some of the slack-jawed freaks that seem to attend!!!

  • At 2:34 pm, Blogger Danny said…

    ps. The gifts, cards and cake were wonderful, as is the Rasinbow family in total!!

  • At 3:46 pm, Blogger Danny said…

    PPS. As well as making sure that Cat is with you, i will be getting either Adam Baldwin, Michael Shanks, or the luscious Sean Astin to help me through the grief! ;-)

  • At 12:33 pm, Blogger Ruby Tuesday said…

    Can I just flag up how much I enjoyed being called a buffoon! Hurrah for that, and hurrah for being 'just right' weight-wise. What a boost! Thanks hon xx


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