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Monday, 25 September 2006

First cold of the season

Yes, Mucus season is back and the second it got vaguely cool I have found myself with a head full of slime that I can actually feel move as I walk about. My boss is off with it today and my spidey senses warned me he was not going to be in and so I made sure I was here to ensure Tree wasn't left on her own to man the office. This also means I can suitably mumble in the corner and feel oddly smug about coming in when sick when everyone else calls in at the slightest sign of a fart, let alone the squits, vomitous or sniffles. Then again, I get migraines with increasing regularity and they do wipe me out for the better part of two days at a time.

So in other news.

One of my lead actresses dropped out of A Midsummer Nights Dream on friday. She is expecting a baby and has hit some difficulties, so I totally stand by her decision. Does leave me looking for a new Hermia though .....

It was Dan's birthday yesterday, so we had a really lazy day and did v v v little. I had been trying to get him a statue thing of the discworld as he really loves it, but the only one on ebay was going for far more than I could afford sadly. So instead I got him a Papa Lazarou tee, an X-Men graphic novel and a star trek calendar (which is still awaiting stock on play.com). I would dearly love to be able to get more for him as he is the most special man in the world to me, but funds just don't allow it at the moment.

This last week, I have had the Scissor Sisters Ta Dah! in my car cd player. Fucking love it. And would like Babydaddy to lurve me ... but that's not for here.

Also, have had some good news from friends over the weekend. Got a text from Rach saying how positive she feels and how she is moving on now and my mate Rich is a 'married man' again after getting together officially with his new t'other half. Dead chuffed for both of them and also a bit of a result for me as both are what I asked for for them on last moon barking session a couple of weeks back. Big thanks to the universe for granting those ones ... now if it can just get on with sorting out the third and final wish for another dear friend of mine...............


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