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Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Just a quickie please dear.

Dead busy today as have all day incentive to earn dosh for this coming weekend in Spain.

First check this out: http://rubyroo73.blogspot.com/ Comic genius - fact.

Second, as I was about to leave work last night I was handed tickets to see Will Young in cardiff. Now, I always fancied the arse off him but never really went all out for his music. Its nice and good but inoffensive and was just there. After seeing the show last night I AM A HUGE FAN! He is even better looking in real life, clearly has a very large penis, puts on a great show and isnt up his arse as some would have you believe ...
It was the first night of the whole tour and had some minor hitches - not least poor Will holding the show up for 5 mins as he got himself caught in his flies...... but it was fantastic and I highly recommend you see him if you get the chance. We were right at the front too .... got some great pix on my phone!

Ok, must dash or am going to Spain with a tenner which will be v v v poor.


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