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Thursday, 7 September 2006

Y Viva Espana

So I may or may not have mentioned that next week the entire staff body of Real Radio Wales is off to Spain for a jolly. I any or may have not mentioned I was planning on going. I may or may not have mentioned that I have no fucking idea what happened to my passport since I moved house in June. And I may or may not have mentioned that I did an online form, this being the 21st century and all, to get a replacement. Sadly, all this means is that they pre-print the form with your details ... saving you lots of reading of instructions of how to write in black ink and block capitals presumably. A printing process that takes a week ... and you still have to sign it and send it back with countersigned photos. So all you have achieved is 7 days of the process lost as they don't count any of that as part of the turn around time for the application. This meant that 4 days ago, I was expecting it to be three weeks before I had a passport and no Spain trip for me. Two days ago, I e-mailed them asking if they had received my application ok. The answer came back yes and that I should have the passport in ten working days from receipt - ie it would drop onto my doormat approximately 10 minutes after my plane had taken off, which was a kick in the danglies to say the least.
However ... today they called me to say that its all done and if I don't have it by tuesday morning to call xxx number quoting xxx reference and chase it. So weds absolute latest ..which still gives over 24 hours for total fuck ups ... so I am going to Spain! With about 20 quid to spend .... but like McDonalds so this is ok.

In other news .... four solid days at the gym this week ... v pleased with self.

Star Trek is 40 today. Fuck. I can remember celebrating 25, 30 & 35 .... and I only got into Trek with TNG. Shame its been shit since DS9 finished ... and yes, I mean you last few seasons of Voyager and Enterprise!

And while digging around randomly online, I found the Top 500 Singles as printed by Rolling Stone about 2 years ago. A quick glance reveals Like a Rolling Stone at no.1 and The Rolling Stones at no.2 .... in Rolling Stone magazine ..... sounds like You're So Vain should have been a strong contender.
Then in the top 20 the only record after about 1973 is Smells Like Teen Spirit. Now, I have nothing against the classics, but it does strike me that the people putting this list together were all over 50 and the kind of people who witter on about woodstock and say things like 'If you remember the 60's you weren't there man' Surely not a true picture?

What do I care though, I'm going to Spain next week!


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