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Tuesday, 5 September 2006

So tired.

Rough as, today ..... had a very bad nights sleep due to setting myself several tasks to do in my sleep. Things obviously weren't as easy as I expected. The joys of being a psychic......

Everyone is talking about Steve thingy crocodile bloke kicking the bucket. Most people seem to be dwelling on it as a tragedy ... why? The man was doing what he loved best and an accident happened. I can only imagine he is sat on the other side now just wishing it was something a little more dangerous than a ray that finally got him. We can all only hope and pray that we go doing the thing we love the most .... which for me would mean a heart attack on the job I guess, Private Benjamin style. Of course the jokes have already started doing the rounds .. I wont spoil any of them for you in case you get them and, like me, can laugh at such things. Some people are saying its in poor taste .. again .. why? I really hope that my loved ones can still laugh at me after I am gone .. after all, I do my damnedest to keep them laughing while I am here and have no desire for them to be unhappy without me. Even Steves family understand the nature and importance of his work enough that they want the footage he was filming to be broadcast. .. and I agree with them. Its like being a soldier ... you know the risk that goes with the uniform. The best way to honor Steve's memory .. imho, is to live like he did, remember what he was about and take that forward (not that I am about to wrestle a croc you understand).
Steve, wherever you are .... thank you!


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