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Thursday, 31 August 2006

Nothing to see here, move along

So today I thought I would enlighten you on some of the other wonderful blogs I visit daily. As much as i know you love me and are writing down my every word to become a new world encompassing religion upon my passing, you need to know who to credit as disciples.

First and foremost, my Queen. 99.9% sure this genuinely is the lady herself. Check out the comments .... the ones from Peter Pan are from me!

The light in my life, cream in my coffee, apple of my eye, my partner, Dan. It has to be said, he isnt even vaguely this talkative in real life. He is really ill today ..... exploding from all orifices. Bathroom didnt smell to pleasant when i went in to shower....

Marks. He has forgotten the pw so will probably never get updated .. which is a shame as his blogs would be wicked.

Bsabas. He rocks. And I'd let him. Recent episodes are the actual journal entries.

Never met this guy but love his blogs (he is a friend of a friend). I yearn to be able to write as witty blogs as this.

Tess. We were at sixth form together. We went to dance classes together too - got medals in lambada dont you know! Mad as soup doesnt even begin to cover it..............

And me! My other site .... which this blog links to, so this might be a bit weird depending on which site you actually started with.... but at least you get to see pictures of me.


  • At 11:53 am, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Thank you, kind sir.

    And just for the record (while we're on funny reads) your description of what Joel Schumacher did to the Batman films made me spit coffee out my nose.

    Hope you're proud of yourself ;)


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