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Monday, 21 August 2006

Tinker, Tailor, Waiter, Psychic

All a bit random again I'm afraid, but that's why I chose the name for this blog .. I know what I can be like.

Had a good last few days. Was at the speedway thursday night. Not that I like going to the speedway you understand. I thought I was just hob nobbing! Then arrived to find myself playing waiter to Howard & Roo ... in the middle of the track .... which was actually way more fun than I thought and a helluva lot more fun than it sounds.

Then of course, Big Brother finished its UK run for this year on friday. Pete won. No surprises there. Davina kept stating through the show that 'it isn't a one horse race' .. which is what I have been calling it on Roo's show .... has Davina been listening to me? Scary thought.

Had quite a lazy weekend .. Because it rained .... a lot. We did go out saturday night but I was holding back a bastard of a headache so came home at about half ten. I did offer to leave Dan behind with his mate and I'd go back for him at 2.00am or whenever he was dojne with whatever he chose to get up to .. but the sap came home with me. If that had been the other way around I'd have let him go and got myself in the nearest gay club ... or sauna more likely. I did my best to make him stay behind and enjoy himself but he was having none of it. I even told him he need not come home and I would come down and get him in the morning. But no, we were tucked a-bed by 11.00pm. I have a lot to teach him still, clearly.

Then of course, we had to see Snakes On A Plane. It has everything you expect and more:
Somebody good at video games who may need to fly the plane should the pilot and co-pilot both get bitten? Check!
Children travelling alone so that the older may have to keep his promise to look after the younger when he gets bitten? Check!
Air Hostess who is doing one last flight before leaving to pursue a real career? Check!
Her old colleague who has put off retirement to do one last flight with her? Check!
Snakes? Check
A Plane? Check
Go see, you'll laugh your tits off.
Unless you are shit scared of snakes .. in whcih case I recommend staying home with the My Little Pony Movie circa 1987. Its got some purple glob taking over the world of the ponies and a girl called Megan has to go in search of the flutterbye ponies to save the day .. or something. I took my little sister to it, its been a while.


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