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Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Sugar we're going down swinging

Ever get a song in your head? Ever had it stay there for weeks? Until you had to have the song so maybe it would go away? Then you get it and cant stop listening to it and still that song echoes around inside your brain until you think it might actually go bang .. your head, not the song .. well in theory the song could, after all its a common enough sound effect really.

This is the problem I am haiving with Fall Out Boy's Sugar We're Going Down. Great song ... cant stop listening to it. Loved it when it was in the charts. But what started me off was a few months back ... probably early May ... and Fall Out Boy had performed an acoutsic version of the song in Radio 1's Live Lounge ... Chris Moyles then played it the following morning and I caught in the car on the way to work... (I know at this point you are falling off your chair saying 'but why do you listen to radio1, when you work for Wales largest commercial radio station?' I'll give you a hint... the answer is in the question) .. anyhoo, Chris and co were rather rude about that version of the song but I LOVED it. It was the frist time I had really caught the lyrics and it completely struck a chord within me. You ever get that? Something about the tune, composition, lyrics all come together and somehow that song was written about you, for you, in fact its amazing they managed to get a moment or feeling or memory of yours without having ever known you exist .. how did they do that????? Its one of those. Incidentally, Fall Out Boy have a wicked sense of hunour... check out the q&a on their website. What? You want a link? What did your last slave die of? Go do your own fucking research.

Now this song, just really hit me about somebody I really fell for many years ago. Over about 5 months we became quite an item ... each of us had other people in our lives but were willing to throw everything away to get together properly ... which was a bigger risk for him than me as he wasnt even out. The suddenly, after plans, promises and body fluids were exchanged ... he chucked me for a model 10 years younger. It took me a long time to recover and was the first in a very painful events for me ..... and about 7 years of darkness in my soul. Ooh, maybe I broke a mirror?

So anyway, thats the song in my head. What are you humming today?


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