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Monday, 31 July 2006

The morning after....

Yesterday was the big day ... M Day ... Madonna live in Cardiff. Damn good show. If you can, get tickets, its worth it.

The set list wasn't really public friendly as it was mostly Confessions on a Dancefloor ... no Holiday, no Vogue, no Into the Groove but it still rocked. The crowd were a bit shit mind you. She normally gets a much bigger reaction and the audience are normally younger and gayer ... it was a lot of middle aged people who you really felt would be more comfortable sat at home watching Bargain Hunt.... but I sang, screamed and danced through 2 glorious hours of the Queen of Pop and thank her for her time.

Another wonderful thing happened too .....

Mark, Lyanne, Dan & myself sat around watching music tv most of the day as smash hits had only Madonna on ... we went for a quick mcdonalds then picked up Danni & Nerys and went to meet Maria and Gabs. Bus into Cardiff .. .saw the queues and went to meet the rest of the gang from Real Radio at the marriott hotel for a few drinks. Mark & Lyanne went ahead as they wanted to see Paul Oakenfold... the rest of us werent bothered! But as we left the hotel to go across to the stadium who should walk by but Phil Collinson .. producer of Doctor Who!!! I stopped him, shook his hand and thanked him for the great work .... and was incredibly straight about it too. How does that work? When I ought to be excited and become a screaming queen, the straight boy in me comes out ... odd.

Oh well.



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