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Thursday, 20 July 2006

End of Summer...

Ok, firstly, I'm really not one to complain about the weather.... Unless I have to drive in snow as that terrifies me... But while the national radio and TV stations, newspapers et al continue going on about this amazing heatwave .... its pissing down here. Now this has followed a pattern ... we get about 4 scorching hot days of sun that burns your retinas to oblivion and fries the very skin off your flesh .. Then it rains like a bastard for a week ... Then fours days........... you get the idea. Now this suits me just fine as it means we A) don't have hosepipe bans and water rationing B) It cools off just at that point where the heat becomes heavy and close and other such words that really ought not apply to an atmospheric condition. I was surprised talking to Mick last week up in The Broken Drum (an excellent pub, if you are in Baldock I do recommend a visit) as he was saying that they have had the better part of 8 weeks without rain. Am I working towards a point here? Not frankly.

Speaking of Baldock ... I am back up there tomorrow for John & Steve's civil partnership doodah wotsit (bollocks, cant I just call it a wedding?). I have no idea what to get them. Hoping something springs to mind overnight or they are going to end up with an A-Z of Great Britain that I will buy en route up the M4.


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