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Monday, 10 July 2006

wet weekend

Hi kittens,

If you are out there. I'm probably just talking to myself here, but that's ok, I am used to it. At least I know I listen .. Some of the time.

Couple of tales to tell from the weekend which may raise a smile.

Friday ... I rush from work with the aim to get home, eat and go to my rehearsal (I am directing A Midsummer Nights Dream). Sadly my rushing stops at the car park as I have a flat tyre. Now it has to be said that changing a wheel is on the list of incredibly butch things that I can actually do ... As long as one of the wheel nuts isn't a locking one for which I have no key. I called my Dad - who lives 200 miles away so couldn't really do anything but since he gave me the car he might have an idea to the location of the missing nut unlucky thing. He informs me that he gave it to me in a small black box, along with the four wheel nuts (one from each wheel) that the locking ones replaced. I remember that box ... It was on the spare sofa in January at Dans house. Not only have we moved house since then, but I haven't seen it since. On the off chance I had the foresight to put it back in the car, I take the car apart. Nada. So its time to call the AA. They don't have an unlucky tool thing - which everyone I worked with had assured me they would - so it has to be broken off. To add insult to injury, my spare isn't a pretty alloy but a minging black wheel with a speed limit of 50mph/80kph. I am still on the hunt for a new tyre......

Saturday was mildly better... We were treated to a meal out in Cardiff Bay (after Doctor Who had finished, natch) by a mate which was lovely. Then driving home in the hammering rain, we passed a hitch hiker who was drunk and very very wet. Being the soft touch I am, I turned around and went to get him. This was halfway over the Caerphilly Mountain Road. I asked him where he was going to and he said Cyn Coed. About 8 miles back down the mountain ... He was lost and going totally the wrong way. Apparently he had been out at a party and had been dropped by friends to find his way to his girls house. Some friends if they drop you somewhere in Cardiff that you don't know and expect you to find your own way. Anyhoo, I took him back into Cardiff to his gf's house and dropped him by her door. He left £20 intheh car for my trouble .. bonus! I had tried to refuse it but he was quite insistent, bless him.

So that was the highlights of my weekend. How are you?



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