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Wednesday, 12 July 2006

It could happen to you

So I was telling you about my nuts? ON THE CAR! Perv.

Anyhoo, I am sat in the car last night after getting my new tyre put on and the spare put back in the boot and put the tyre receipt in the glove box. What do I find sat bold as brass in the box staring at me with a look of defiance that would make angels quake? No, not that moose Jayne from Big Brother but my set of wheel nuts and the locking nut key. I was freaked. 6, count 'em, 6 people have emptied that fecking car over 3 days looking for that case. I have turned my house inside out (its odd having the wallpaper outside and very chilly at night) looking for it and it just turns up .. not under anything but right on top, just sat there. I swear on my favourite appendages belonging to me and every person I have ever had any kind for sex with, that they weren't there before! Oh well, shit happens.

So, in other news.

Went to see Pirates of tea Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest last night with tea Cardiff cinema bears group. LOVED IT! And apparently Superman Returns is even better so young Mr Rainbow texted me this morning. May have to make sure I get a private screening as may just shoot a wad if it's truly that good.

now there's an image you longed for.


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