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Tuesday, 18 July 2006

The Queen, The Princess & the Tea Lady

Hey you,

Actually, who are you? Do I know you? I demand you identify yourself to me at once. Especially if you are a cute guy with a hairy chest.... or facial hair.

So, I had a great weekend! Drove up to Baldock for Marks party on Saturday and watched him get very drunk on some drink called funky monkey. They do a chocolate flavour so now doubt I will try it one time when I aint driving a 400 mile round trip in a day. I wore my glitter platforms and was tea talk of tea pub ... natch. Sadly I had forgotten to take socks so gave myself some big bastard blisters in tea process but the pain was worth it for that much male attention - even if it was from straight guys .. Well I am fairly sure one of them wont die curious but that's not for here.

Darn ist been hot these last few days here in Wales. I aint complaining mind you! Its just a nice change from rain.

So its Madonna in just 10 days time! V excited about this. And Kylie tickets go on sale this Friday! And Acorn Antiques the musical is coming to Cardiff ... er .. next July.

Oh .. and am I the only person who found Superman Returns boring? Bryan Singer, I love you dearly and would let you jump my bones in a heartbeat but sorry, its just not up to your usual standard. And that Lois Lane? As wrong as Halle Berry's Catwoman. But hey, we all make mistakes .. call me .. we'll shag.


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