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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Time (doesn't) Goes By .. So Slowly

Shit the bed, its Tuesday and I haven't told you about my weekend yet.

So Friday. Kylie tickets on sale at 9.00am. Sat at pc at 8.50 ready to go. 10.10 have to give up as have been offered 3 seats 14 times (different seats each time) but apparently there is an availability problem so I cant have them and have to call the box office .. Which is constantly engaged. Luckily, Mark L's dear friend David has a spare ticket which he is selling me. I have never met him but I have done worse things with strange men that go to a gig with them .. At least I know Davids name...

So back to Friday ..... leave Cardiff around midday to get to John & Steve's ceremony well before the 4.30 'arrive at' time. Like a good 90 mins before in theory ..... IN THEORY! M4 is a car park by Swindon. Its all over the news .. so I get off, bugger about on the Swindon ring Road, call Roo to see if she can give directions - even though she has only lived there a week or something - but she was working and couldn't get to the phone. Find road to Oxford after a good hour or so! Hurrah! As heading to Oxford, radio announces that M4 is clear from J14 .. which is what I have just driven by on way to Oxford turning. Bugger.

Then we hit Oxford easily enough .... which has road works on the ring road and we take about an hour to get through those. We finally got to the venue just after the actual ceremony ended which I was gutted about. We were there for the meal and had a great evening though. All I will say is everyone needs an Ann in their life .. and anyone who was there will know what I mean.

So we popped in to see Mark R on the way home ... just to totally let any traffic die down, and set off from Hitchin at midnight. By 12.40 we were sat on the M25, parked in a 7 lane traffic jam .... for an hour. Everyone just gave up and got out of their cars in the end. It was mad. Who expects a jam at 1.00am? I finally got to bed at 4.00am.

On the plus side, I bought a cyberman figure which I am dead chuffed with from the Doctor Who Up Close exhibition. Bsabas, Josh - want me to pick one up for you?

5 days to Madonna in Cardiff!!!!! Slightly moist at prospect of seeing the Queen herself ... actually its her fault you are reading this ... I had to sign up to post a comment on Madonna's thoughts blog ... so thank you your worship!


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    I got a mention, how marvellous!


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