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Thursday, 3 August 2006

Work That Body

So I joined a gym again. I missed it since I moved away from Luton, where I had a few mates and went pretty much daily ... even if some days were just a splash about and a steam.

The lovely Andrew took me through my physical on Friday night and showed me the machines .. and that my own scales lie. I dont understand why they do it. I keep them in a nice bathroom, with lots of room and light. I dont let the cat in there to wee on them? So why do they tell me I fluctuate from 12 stone 10, to 13 stone 1, when I actually weigh 13 5. Is there a need for that kind of behaviour?

Anyway, last night was the first night of the program Andrew has given me for the next three months.
Warm up - 5 mins on an exercise bike
10 mins on a stepper
15 mins on a treadmill
15 mins on a cross trainer
10 mins on a rowing machine
3x20 sit ups facing forwards
3x20 sit ups facing left
3x20 sit ups facing right
5 min cool down swimming

I did all of that .... and dont feel too bad today, so expect to actually die tonight in my sleep after a second consecutive night on the program. Oddly I can feel two little solid bits just below my man boobs. Its either the start of some muscles or a hernia.

Poor Smeagol had to go to the vets this week too. He has had dodgy ears for a short while now and it seemed to be getting worse. She cleaned several candles worth of nasty looking wax out of his ears and has given me some drops ... and a conical collar so he cant scratch them. He then spent 36 hours lolling about howling in pain, walking into walls and generally being very unhappy. So this morning I gave in and thought that its no good him dying of miserableness, especially after I just forked out 12 quid on a new product to spray on the floor to stop him pissing by the front door, and I took the collar off ... he only had it because the constant scratching and shaking has caused his actual ears (like the pointy bits, not the gaps that do the hearing) to swell up with liquid like huge blisters. Its horrid to touch, but somehow you cant not keep touching them..... anyhoo, the collar was to stop that getting worse and one of them has actually gotten way worse since the collar went on, so I am seeing if taking it off helps.... we are back at the vets next Tuesday........


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