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Tuesday, 15 August 2006


In an amazing act of muppetry, I just took a swig of my diet cola drink (no product placement here, but it was pepsi) and got the ring pull caught up my nose. You'd never have had that in the old days when they were removable .. I should sue for millions.

So if you are a reader of empire magazine, you may see my name in the Star Wars memories section. See as a subscriber not only to the magazine but also to the newsletter and website, they sometimes ask such things of me... well and a few thousand others I expect. The thing was this, as a child when the first Star Wars film came along, like many I was obsessed. I had toys, costumes, lightsabres, wallpaper ... you know the drill ... and lived in a close with just 13 houses. From those houses, there were 7 of us kids who regularly played out and until Star Wars it was either dolls with the girls or war with the boys. War films bored me to tears (although Tom Micthell did once convince me to play Force 10 From Navarone with him but since I hadn't seen it that involved lots of him telling where to stand and what to say ... oh how that was a sign of years to come .. not with Tom though) so when Star Wars came along and we realised we had the right number and mix of people to have all the best characters, it was a natural progression. Sadly, always having been the small one in any given group, I wasn't suitable for Luke, Han or Chewie .. and you couldn't possibly have a short arse Vader. So I was Artoo for the most part .. until I had one of my first actors queenie strops .. and demanded I get lines in these games. Now, the natural choice would have been for me to take on C3PO .. especially given how camp he is. But no, somebody .. probably Mark Ambridge ... came up with the idea that Luke & Leia were going to get married and have kids ..so I got to be there child, always in need of rescuing, called Kiddie (genius name for their kid huh?). This was fine and dandy and kept us going through the summer of 78, winter of 78/79 and a little beyond until the Ambdridges moved away, Tom got too old to play and the rest of us discovered the famous five and went off to the park daily looking for clues to an adventure. You wouldn't get that from 9 year olds today.
Of course the real kick in the teeth was in the summer of 83 when it was revealed that Luke & Leia are siblings ... we had stopped playing years before but the thought always lingered and left a bad taste in my mouth...... should I have played him with two heads and a speech impediment?


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