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Friday, 11 August 2006

Le Geek, cest Chic

Now, I make no secret at all about my Geekiness when it comes to sci-fi. What would be the point, just five minutes in my company usually reveals these things: Screaming queen with no shame who is a total child who loves sci-fi.
So check THIS out. The original ending to the last episode of Doctor Who this season. Have the kleenex at the ready .. no, not like that.....
My apologies if the BBC have already got wind this has leaked and pulled it.

And have you seen the publicity shots of The Doctor and Martha? DT looking very hot in his new blue suit.

And please pity my poor chum Roo ... who has started as breakfast presenter in Swindon this week and to publicize the new show, her marketing people have plastered her mug over the back of all of their cars .... could be worse luvs, could be a bus!

Christ I've got wind today ... if you see me stand well back.

So what's with this airport madness? Any of you who know will know I keep well out of political and religious discussions as I have strong and firm opinions but don't wish to (a) Get into rows over them (b) Try and make anyone see my point of view. Its mine and I am not letting you have it so there. But really ..... I was raised in a very right wing white family. I was taught to be racist ... and during my life taught myself not to be. I went to two very mutli cultural schools and had good friends across my life of every colour and creed you can imagine. But frankly these extremists make it hard to keep my self taught judgment. Is the answer to divide the world up and make all muslims live in muslims countries, all christians in christian countries? Where does that leave me? A pagan. Technically, England or Wales ... so would all the christians get kicked out? So where would they go? Israel where it all started? Not working too well for them is it? Plus, when you visit Jerusalem .. and should it become safe to do so, I recommend it, fascinating city .... you can stand in one square and see the humble origins and holy places of three religions... so do they get a few bricks each?
But one thing I will not do is give in to these bastards. I will still get on planes, trains and go about my business. I'd die rather than suppress my freedom. And that is the strongest message we can send.


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