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Friday, 25 August 2006


I think somebody is stealing my pants off the washing line. By pants, this is the UK version of the word meaning briefs and boxers rather than trousers.

Seriously, I used to have a drawer full that lasted a good two weeks (at one pair worn per day) before I ran out. We are completely up to date with our washing and I have none clean and about three pairs (yesterdays in the laundry and two pairs drying on a radiator). Which means in the last three weeks (by my reckoning since I last had a full drawer) around 12 pairs have gone missing. Is it you? Give them back you perv. Or at least steal them dirty and have something worth sniffing.

In other news .. I finally gave in and got a Superman tee shirt and am wearing it today. Wanted one for years and they are everywhere cheap at the moment, but didn't want to be wearing one when everyone else was as Superman was 'in'. Luckily, Superman Returns was popular for about 2 days only and now everyone has excess stock they are shifting cheap .... and nobody round here seems to be wearing them ... so I win on all levels.

And today my new mobile arrives. I text a lot ... regularly having a bill of 70/80/90 quid (£92.43 this latest bill) and tried seeing if T Mobile could offer me a package to reduce that bill. They could ... but it would mean a fixed bill of at least £60 a month ... and then if I went over my 700 texts (v likely) it would mount up again. Then an ad came on the tv for Orange for their new Dolphin package (thehaveve four new packs based on creatures for some obscure reason. Dolphin, Squirrel, Armadillo and Spunk Monkey .. or something). This gives me 500 talk time minutes anytime to annetworkok anunlimiteded texts anytime to any network ..for £35 a month set fee. I'd have been a twat not to really. Just need to port my number over now as cant be arsed with making sure I change it in the 500 squillion places my number is stored.


  • At 3:11 pm, Blogger Danny said…

    I am surprised that you havent ranted how T Mobile rear ended you over trying to cancel the contract with them!


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