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Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Back! Sack n Crack......

Hey kids,
Well, that was fun few days. Had my brother, his fiancee and their 18 month old down for the weekend. Lots of trips to town and the beach ensued .... along with a very cute child. Morgan hasn't met me very often but took to Dan & myself straight away . even sitting on our laps quite happily which she apparently won't do much of outside of her mum and dad. Sadly, she was in a strop from hell on sunday and wouldn't do anything but scream and cry. At which point I was glad they were leaving at lunchtime.......

Then on Monday, I decided that it was time to try a more effective hair removal technique for more personal parts of my anatomy .... so having being told by a trusted friend (yes Mark, I mean you) that the sensitive skin version with almond doesn't cause any issues, I went ahead .. trying just a small test patch first. This worked just fine, so I went ahead and did both the twins and the channel beneath them right around to where the valley ends and starts to become my lower back. Also had to do just a bit around the base of the purple headed mountain ..so to speak. Left the required 5 minutes .. well slightly less to be fair as it had taken about three to get everything covered.... and started removing. All fine and dandy and smooth as a babies bottom. Well .. not quite for as most guys will tell you (and certainly to my experience with any guy I have ever shaved....) that the first few minutes they go all tough and look like elephant hide .. no? just in my experience?
Anyhoo, after removing cream, I hopped in the shower to wash down ... all good. went downstairs to show Dan .. still good ... slight tingly sensation which I put down to the air on them .... within the hour actually thought my groin was on fire. Didnt get a lot of sleep as couldn't have them touch anything .. including my leg, bed etc without wincing with the pain .. and they were starting to swell too. I have since discovered the cause of the discomfort was actually on the base of the love muscle itself as the skin has been heavily lacerated where it is obviously too soft for such treatments and the hairs have been torn out.

So I spent tuesday sat in with them resting on the Thomson Local, trying not to move, watching the first 8 episodes of Fame series 1 and the special edition of Supergirl. They are still a tad sore today but at least I can get trousers on.

And on the subject of trousers ... I still need a 38 inch waist ..... bah.... but even a 30 inch leg is tucking under the heel of my shoes. To date, I haven't found a 38 waist with a 28 leg ... so I am 10 inches rounder than I am long in the leg ............. god that's a depressing thought.


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