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Monday, 11 September 2006

Never stand behind me in a queue

Because the moment I joined it, chances are it stopped moving. Fact!

Its a rare and genuine talent and has been tried and tested over and over. Like last night at the tolls for the new Severn Bridge as you come into Wales on the M4. There were 3 manned booths open and 2 automated coin bins. The manned booths had about 4 cars at each one but the barriers weren't even coming right down before going up again .. we could see this as we approached, doing the cautious move of not committing to any direction to get to the shortest and fastest moving one so as not to add 30 or 40 seconds un-necessarily to our journey. So I took the easy route and joined the one in front of me. So naturally it stopped moving. After a few moments, I realised that the cars passing through the toll either side of me, hadn't even been in a queue when I arrived and were now sailing off while the front car of my queue was the same one that had been there when I pulled up. Again, barriers either side were up and down like a pornstars arse just before the money shot. Us? They can raise Tower Bridge quicker.

Twas a relatively lovely weekend. We went up to Baldock for Lyanne & Steves engagement party on Saturday .. but the pub was a bit of a hole to be honest (I am such a snob sometimes ... but I really am not a pub person so it has to really have something for me to actually like it) and by 10.30 the smoke was killing my throat and I had to leave. So we went back and watched the last half of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on ITV3.

Then we spent sunday morning with Mark, drove down to Bermondsey to have dinner with Rich ... Somebody stole the A10 en route but I found where they had put it and we got there ok. Halfway there has a text from Roo with some news (wont go into it, not my news to discuss) so had to then stop off in Swindon to make sure she was ok .... So I got to spend sunday with my three of my bestest buds and Dan was with me all day! Chances of seeing them all in one day without it being my wedding: zero - so dead chuffed all in all.

How are you?


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