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Wednesday, 20 September 2006

And again.

Another freaky dream.

Me & Tree from work, who can be seen here http://www.dancesisterdance.com/myvid/index.php?v=0fadfa8014540

were driving somewhere for work and stopped in a big park for a wee. We drove up to the trees, just below a railway line. Its daylight but when we get there, there are lots of dubious dogging activities going on. Amused at this, we drive by and find a spot higher up where we can pee behind tress or whatever. At that point, six police cars turn up and start arresting people. I notice that in one of the cars is Bsabas' friend Renee and her girlfriend. I run over and say hi and talk the cops into letting them go as clearly they were just sight seeing. We are stood talking, just watching the cop cars driving around ... at one point they drive under the railway only to appear further along from another bridge.

Then I am back at the last house I lived in in Luton and it looks very similar to the day I left it. Russell, who I house shared with at Uni is there with Bsabas and they are both naked and analyzing handwriting styles. We kind of chat for a while and then I realise I don't own this house any longer and that the new people might be home soon. I walk about and see what changes the new people have made, which are mostly to the back of the house.

We then had a knock at the door and it was a group of people surveying the house for various things. We pretend we are supposed to be there to let them in and they have a look around and then leave. Then the new owners came back and we somehow (cant remember exactly how) explain our presence their and then I start to cop off with the husband. He and his wife then leave and we are there again for a while and I start to get anxious about it not being my house any more. The husband then comes back again and we start having sex ... then his wife comes back and in odd farce style, we try and explain why he is naked with his willy in my mouth.... and she accepts the explanation!!!! Then I woke up.

Answers on a postcard please.


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