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Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Dream a Little Dream

I had a very vivid dream this morning that caused me to oversleep by 15 mins.

So given I rarely remember dreams, you're getting it.

Starts off, I am on what appears to be either Dallow or Biscot Road in Luton ... with Dan and driving my current car. I am approaching some red traffic lights on a pelican crossing but the red goes off and the amber flashes twice and as there are no pedestrians in sight, I ease off the break and keep driving. But, after flashing twice, instead of going to green, it goes back to red and I have to brake to stop at the crossing. Sadly, the guy behind us doesn't brake at all and smashes into the back of my car. He gets out and comes around to start having a go at me. I leap out and call him all the mothers under the sun as he was the idiot that didn't brake ..at all! The back of my car is fucked to say the least. Our shopping is all crushed. His car is fine. We exchange details and I am waiting by a chip shop for a mechanic to come and tow me away .... other driver has given me his details and gone. Dan is in the chip shop getting our chips but I wander off to see if anyone is coming. Dan come south and gives me my chips and I send him home.

I stick my head into a building that actually appears to be a big hall that is being used as a studio and I am now standing among lots of people and we are being briefed on how to be a good extra. They aren't mentioning what we are filming but the assistant comes over and informs us its Doctor Who so that we don't get excited when we see David Tennant. Lots of people start trying to play up to the incredibly camp and precocious director in a hope of getting a line or two somewhere. I roll my eyes and sit in a corner texting goodness knows who to find out if my car has been picked up.

We are taken en masse along one of Cardiffs main road .... which of course this being a dream looked nothing like its real life counterpart .... and went past the set. This consisted of a crescent of houses that had been given false fronts to look like Elizabethan houses and in the centre was half of a full size galleon ship. From the road, we could see the outside of it and there was a lady in a bright pink brides dress on it with DT stood in an upright crate nearby being hoisted up on a winch .. and he looked angry but was acting at the time. He also had blonde highlights.

I then went outside to try and call somebody as am now v worried about my car but do very much want to be in Doctor Who. I come back in to find all of my extra colleagues dressed in Elizabethan wear and I am to be dressing as a priest. I know, the irony is not lost on me.

I wander off again and end up at this roundabout under a motorway trying to make a call. Suddenly I am surrounded by crew as DT walks right up to me and is acting away like mad standing in front of me. Apparently, I was standing where they were going to film but my exact spot was not in shot so they just decided to ignore me and carry on. After some brief conversation with David (which annoyingly I don't remember), he went off for a 2 hour lunch. Exasperated, I realise its going to be 2 hours of hanging around, delaying me from getting my car sorted out and I realise I also left the cd player front attached and it might get stolen as the doors aren't locked. At that moment, Tom Baker walks by muttering and swearing about how corporate the show is these days and do they not know who he is.... we have a chat about how the world has changed, the BBC has changed, 'the craft' isn't important anymore, that kind of thing. And I wake up.

No, I don't get it either.


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