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Wednesday, 27 September 2006

A Mid Autum Nights Mare

So, you may or may not recall .... or maybe I had neglected to mention ... that I am directing a production of A Midsummer Nights Dream in just four weeks time. And last friday I lost our Hermia due to a difficult pregnancy...... of bollocks, its all starting to sound like 'last time on The Young and the Restless'......

Well, I think I have a replacement actress. I haven't met her yet so have no idea what her acting abilities are like .... But given she is coming back to Uni and send me messages in that txt spk tht drvs me 2 distracshun, I am guessing she isn't 52 and 19 stone so will do nicely. I hope she has a full set of limbs and can speak now I think on it....... Not that I have anything against casting a paraplegic mute but I'm not directing the life and times of Helen Keller right now and there a lot of very crucial lines for her to say, that just wont have the impact if I have to subtitle them on a projection. Not to mention what a wheelchair would do to my blocking. Then again, you know what they say... we professionals notice, Joe Public never clocks a darn thing.

I also had a meeting in the theatre last night. Did I say theatre? I meant TARDIS. I swear that building grows every time I leave it. It just always seems bigger than I remember. This does mean I have way more room to play with than I thought, which is good. Also, the projector is in place and has a screen that lowers above the stage .... so I can use that for my special effects rather than projecting on to some random wall or ceiling as I had expected.
Did I tell you my magic trick I am trying to pull off? Well, since 99% of the readers here wont see the play, I don't mind telling you. For the finale, I am going to make Puck fly ...... with absolutely no harness, wires or safety features .... see, what will happen is that young Nerys will deliver her last speech in a costume that has tiny sparkling lights built in to it .... then at the final words, be stood underneath the screen and leap into the air, throwing handfuls of glitter as she does. The lights on her will cut out and we then project an image of her face, laughing on the screen as if she has just leapt up there and is flying above the stage. It will either look spectacular .. or really shit. I'll let you know how it goes.


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