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Thursday, 28 September 2006

When me say rice you say.......

So here I am sat eating my rice and steamed veggies (focus on how better you will look thin, just keep the focus .. phew) while the entire first floor has been to the chip shop and the smell is wafting in and making my mouth water. Bastards. Except Leigh and Theresa. They have sensible food too.

I have been trying to post a link to two guys website for art, films and stuff and for some reason it just hangs when trying to publish the post. Look up Barats and Bereta .... then watch the short films. Loving their work. And kinda digging them too ... even though they are apparently misguided straight boys.

And after a misty start followed by some heavy showers, we now have a bright afternoon ... oh fuck, I'm turning into Wincey Willis. The point I was about to make is that as I left to nip out to go to the garage with Tree, there was a rainbow over our car park. But because it was pelting down with rain, but not a cloud was in the sky, it wasn't your usual up above the streets and houses rainbow, flying high where everyone could see it smiling over the sky, but a longer, flatter one that started on Danni's car and landed on Kelly's .... I took a pic but its a bit faint sadly. Looked beautiful though. Its not often you are stood 10 feet from both ends of the rainbow .... unless you are at Mark's house of course.... or Lyanne's for that matter.


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