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Monday, 16 October 2006

It'll Be Alright on the Night

SO Friday was the first full run through of A Midsummer Nights Dream. I was expecting a total abortion, I got a very good first half and a shaky second half. Relieved only vaguely covers it.

I also discovered that the sound effects I worked so very hard on seem to cause hysterical laughter. Now, working in a production team at a radio station, I could so have easily just gone through all of our stuff here and just ripped the sound onto disc, but as I am developing my talents in sound editing to be a back up producer here, thought I'd give it a go at home, trawling my own cd's and the internet to make up my own stuff. So, for acts 4 & 5 I need a flourish of trumpets. I also happen to have Pink Elephants on Parade on cd .... which features lots of trumpets ..... So I cut the audio of just the trumpets and horns, slowed it down, added echo and effect ... and there you have it. Its not perfect but I was dead proud of it.

We have had a slow weekend ... on purpose! Rich came down Friday and watched my rehearsal .... he seemed to like it. Shelley then arrived saturday and we have just been sat on the sofa all weekend, watching my old music videos as I converted them to dvd. Its amazing the shit you forget. Also, MTV back then was Europe wide so there are lots of songs that never even broke over here that I have on tape. Its like a little goldmine of late 80's music.......... if that's a good thing.


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