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Friday, 6 October 2006

Mucus Man

Feel like 7 kinds of shite (why 7? How many are there and which 7 do you suppose I feel like?) as have been laid up with flu since last thing tuesday night. I had had a bad rehearsal and was feeling a bit mooky and was considering some moon barking to cheer myself up. But I couldn't even muster the energy or enthusiasm for that. That's when I realised I had the dreaded lurgy that is going about, rushed home, took a lemsip and crashed for the night hoping to be all revived and rejuvenated in the morning.




So weds, I slept a lot, took more lemsip but tried to keep myself going as long as poss and let my body deal with it as in the past I have found that a lemsip every 4 hours on the dot relieves the symptoms but masks the problem. Better to just give the immune system a helping hand rather than try and let medicine do the work for it. Thu was no better - hot and cold flushes, aches and pains all over, sneezing and snot everywhere. Today is a mile improvement. For the first time in many years, my nasal passage is completely clear. My back and shoulders still feel like several Feegles (Crivens! Nac Mac Feegles - go look them up) have been at them with hammers, my head feels like its made of steel (oh, maybe I am turning into a cyberman) but at least today my eyes don't hurt when I look at anything ... be it book, pc or tv.

So I am giving my body one more day to get over this. Then its getting dragged kicking and screaming into normal life again, like it or not.


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