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Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Weekendage continued

I just realised I only got as far as telling you about half of the weekend.
I was telling you about Collectormania being not as good as it used to be and the horrendous freaks that seem to attend it these days. Right? Well, there wasn't much to say about it really. When I started going, Harry Potter movies were a new thing, Lord of the Rings wasn't a complete trilogy yet, Star Wars still had a chapter to go, Farscape had just finished, Charmed, Enterprise and just about every other sci fi and fantasy show were all still going... they guests used to be really good. The last few have had no interest to me at all. I think its a sign of how fandom has generally moved on and the geeks grow fewer as the shows become more mainstream. Just take current Doctor Who. I fucking love it. However, most (not all, I hasten to add) old skool Whovians I know think RTD is satan and ought to be burned. I have had many a heated discussion with one guy in particular who only watches the new show to rip it apart. He feels its too family orientated and has far too much comedy in it. I have tried to explain how much the world has changed since Tom Baker was The Doctor but he will not budge.
But I digress
So Who, Battlestar and various others have become all about telling a decent story. The sci fi is almost secondary ... but I think this is a good thing. Star Trek Voyager fucked sci fi. Don't get me wrong, Kate Mulgrew was an amazing actress for all 7 years .. but the technobabble ... ugh! And don't even start me on the rest button (for those of you who don't know, the reset button was a never seen magic button that somehow got pressed between every episode so that no matter what happened in one story, none of it had any consequence on the next unless it was a two parter. Ship blown to buggery? Rest button fixes all. Half a nacelle hanging off in closing shot? No problem! Hit the reset button in minute 45 and its right as raindrops by the opening of next weeks show) then of course they brought in 7 of 9 and it just became about how big they could make her tits look each week. So thank goodness for Farscape. It hugely changed sci fi. If you haven't seen it, go now and find some.

So ....... after a lovely meal with Mark, Lyanne and Steve at TGI's with a waiter who was very loud and brash while serving but a mincing queen the second he walked away from the table, we then drove down the country route to Swindon to spend a few hours with Rach. always lovely to see her. Then home......... through torrential rain.

Oh, and at Mark's we finally got to try my Disney princess hot chocolates that change colour. Very sickly and there's something about drinking a bright purple drink that feels wrong.


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