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Monday, 31 July 2006

The morning after....

Yesterday was the big day ... M Day ... Madonna live in Cardiff. Damn good show. If you can, get tickets, its worth it.

The set list wasn't really public friendly as it was mostly Confessions on a Dancefloor ... no Holiday, no Vogue, no Into the Groove but it still rocked. The crowd were a bit shit mind you. She normally gets a much bigger reaction and the audience are normally younger and gayer ... it was a lot of middle aged people who you really felt would be more comfortable sat at home watching Bargain Hunt.... but I sang, screamed and danced through 2 glorious hours of the Queen of Pop and thank her for her time.

Another wonderful thing happened too .....

Mark, Lyanne, Dan & myself sat around watching music tv most of the day as smash hits had only Madonna on ... we went for a quick mcdonalds then picked up Danni & Nerys and went to meet Maria and Gabs. Bus into Cardiff .. .saw the queues and went to meet the rest of the gang from Real Radio at the marriott hotel for a few drinks. Mark & Lyanne went ahead as they wanted to see Paul Oakenfold... the rest of us werent bothered! But as we left the hotel to go across to the stadium who should walk by but Phil Collinson .. producer of Doctor Who!!! I stopped him, shook his hand and thanked him for the great work .... and was incredibly straight about it too. How does that work? When I ought to be excited and become a screaming queen, the straight boy in me comes out ... odd.

Oh well.


Friday, 28 July 2006

You ..will .. be DELETED

Ooh, look at me and my threats of cybernisation!
The reason for this is my Doctor Who Cyberman voice changer helmet came today and I have spent the last few hours terrorising my colleagues here at real radio with it. Also in the unfeasibly large box was my TARDIS play set.

Happy as a fly in shit, me.

oh, just two days to Madonna too.......... excuse me while I just explode from excitiment.


Thursday, 27 July 2006

My Time traveling Testicle

So, dunno if I mentioned it but I am going to see Madonna on sunday evening. There are 8 of us all told - Me, Dan (sorry, grammatically that should be Dan & I), Mark, Lyanne, Nerys, Danni, Maria and Gabs. So we are working out ways to get into Cardiff (we all live on the north side .. well I say all ... Mark & lyanne live in hertfordshire but will be at mine and Danni is coming from Swansea and meeting me at Real Radio where we both work). Based on the chaos that was the traffic in and out of town from the Take That gig last month, and it being a sunday its a given that its going to be gridlock. So train in ... no problem ... train home ... no chance. Last one is 10pm .. 10pm? What year is this exactly? Honestly, they go on about bringing stuff to Cardiff and raising the profile as its a capital city and blah and blah ... well lay one some decent fucking services then you numb nuts fuck wits. Sorry, but it does wind me up. So now it looks like we will have to get people to come all the way in to pick us up ... and still get stuck in traffic. Now, at this point you are quite probably saying 'drive you lazy hoohoo' but anyone who has ever been in a car with me knows my road rage .. so the hell in, the mare parking, the extortionate fees, the mare out ... its just not worth peoples lives.

In other news, while queuing at Tesco today the lady commented on my Decepticon tee shirt. She was good - not only did she recognise it as Decepticon we managed to hold a conversation about the merits of Optimus Prime as leader against Rodimus or Ultra Magnus. You don't expect this when you are purchasing from a middle aged lady and all you wanted was a chicken Caesar wrap and some grapes.

I also checked my bank balance today .. a payment from a point of sale yesterday has gone through for 64.45. I didn't take my wallet out yesterday and have been wracking my brains to think what I have on order... Its not my Fame season 1, Cybill series 2, V for Vendetta (altho that has been processed separately) .. so I am guessing that it must be the combined order for my Tardis play set and Cyberman helmet voice changer. Hope so. I could do with wandering around caerphilly asda trying to delete or upgrade the inbreed that get in my way.

Oh .. And I bet you're wondering about the time traveling testicle? My mobile is ususally in my pocket. The text alert is the tardis materialising sound ... so I tell people its my time traveling testicle coming back..... Aren't you glad you know that?

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Time (doesn't) Goes By .. So Slowly

Shit the bed, its Tuesday and I haven't told you about my weekend yet.

So Friday. Kylie tickets on sale at 9.00am. Sat at pc at 8.50 ready to go. 10.10 have to give up as have been offered 3 seats 14 times (different seats each time) but apparently there is an availability problem so I cant have them and have to call the box office .. Which is constantly engaged. Luckily, Mark L's dear friend David has a spare ticket which he is selling me. I have never met him but I have done worse things with strange men that go to a gig with them .. At least I know Davids name...

So back to Friday ..... leave Cardiff around midday to get to John & Steve's ceremony well before the 4.30 'arrive at' time. Like a good 90 mins before in theory ..... IN THEORY! M4 is a car park by Swindon. Its all over the news .. so I get off, bugger about on the Swindon ring Road, call Roo to see if she can give directions - even though she has only lived there a week or something - but she was working and couldn't get to the phone. Find road to Oxford after a good hour or so! Hurrah! As heading to Oxford, radio announces that M4 is clear from J14 .. which is what I have just driven by on way to Oxford turning. Bugger.

Then we hit Oxford easily enough .... which has road works on the ring road and we take about an hour to get through those. We finally got to the venue just after the actual ceremony ended which I was gutted about. We were there for the meal and had a great evening though. All I will say is everyone needs an Ann in their life .. and anyone who was there will know what I mean.

So we popped in to see Mark R on the way home ... just to totally let any traffic die down, and set off from Hitchin at midnight. By 12.40 we were sat on the M25, parked in a 7 lane traffic jam .... for an hour. Everyone just gave up and got out of their cars in the end. It was mad. Who expects a jam at 1.00am? I finally got to bed at 4.00am.

On the plus side, I bought a cyberman figure which I am dead chuffed with from the Doctor Who Up Close exhibition. Bsabas, Josh - want me to pick one up for you?

5 days to Madonna in Cardiff!!!!! Slightly moist at prospect of seeing the Queen herself ... actually its her fault you are reading this ... I had to sign up to post a comment on Madonna's thoughts blog ... so thank you your worship!

Thursday, 20 July 2006

End of Summer...

Ok, firstly, I'm really not one to complain about the weather.... Unless I have to drive in snow as that terrifies me... But while the national radio and TV stations, newspapers et al continue going on about this amazing heatwave .... its pissing down here. Now this has followed a pattern ... we get about 4 scorching hot days of sun that burns your retinas to oblivion and fries the very skin off your flesh .. Then it rains like a bastard for a week ... Then fours days........... you get the idea. Now this suits me just fine as it means we A) don't have hosepipe bans and water rationing B) It cools off just at that point where the heat becomes heavy and close and other such words that really ought not apply to an atmospheric condition. I was surprised talking to Mick last week up in The Broken Drum (an excellent pub, if you are in Baldock I do recommend a visit) as he was saying that they have had the better part of 8 weeks without rain. Am I working towards a point here? Not frankly.

Speaking of Baldock ... I am back up there tomorrow for John & Steve's civil partnership doodah wotsit (bollocks, cant I just call it a wedding?). I have no idea what to get them. Hoping something springs to mind overnight or they are going to end up with an A-Z of Great Britain that I will buy en route up the M4.

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

The Queen, The Princess & the Tea Lady

Hey you,

Actually, who are you? Do I know you? I demand you identify yourself to me at once. Especially if you are a cute guy with a hairy chest.... or facial hair.

So, I had a great weekend! Drove up to Baldock for Marks party on Saturday and watched him get very drunk on some drink called funky monkey. They do a chocolate flavour so now doubt I will try it one time when I aint driving a 400 mile round trip in a day. I wore my glitter platforms and was tea talk of tea pub ... natch. Sadly I had forgotten to take socks so gave myself some big bastard blisters in tea process but the pain was worth it for that much male attention - even if it was from straight guys .. Well I am fairly sure one of them wont die curious but that's not for here.

Darn ist been hot these last few days here in Wales. I aint complaining mind you! Its just a nice change from rain.

So its Madonna in just 10 days time! V excited about this. And Kylie tickets go on sale this Friday! And Acorn Antiques the musical is coming to Cardiff ... er .. next July.

Oh .. and am I the only person who found Superman Returns boring? Bryan Singer, I love you dearly and would let you jump my bones in a heartbeat but sorry, its just not up to your usual standard. And that Lois Lane? As wrong as Halle Berry's Catwoman. But hey, we all make mistakes .. call me .. we'll shag.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

It could happen to you

So I was telling you about my nuts? ON THE CAR! Perv.

Anyhoo, I am sat in the car last night after getting my new tyre put on and the spare put back in the boot and put the tyre receipt in the glove box. What do I find sat bold as brass in the box staring at me with a look of defiance that would make angels quake? No, not that moose Jayne from Big Brother but my set of wheel nuts and the locking nut key. I was freaked. 6, count 'em, 6 people have emptied that fecking car over 3 days looking for that case. I have turned my house inside out (its odd having the wallpaper outside and very chilly at night) looking for it and it just turns up .. not under anything but right on top, just sat there. I swear on my favourite appendages belonging to me and every person I have ever had any kind for sex with, that they weren't there before! Oh well, shit happens.

So, in other news.

Went to see Pirates of tea Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest last night with tea Cardiff cinema bears group. LOVED IT! And apparently Superman Returns is even better so young Mr Rainbow texted me this morning. May have to make sure I get a private screening as may just shoot a wad if it's truly that good.

now there's an image you longed for.

Monday, 10 July 2006

wet weekend

Hi kittens,

If you are out there. I'm probably just talking to myself here, but that's ok, I am used to it. At least I know I listen .. Some of the time.

Couple of tales to tell from the weekend which may raise a smile.

Friday ... I rush from work with the aim to get home, eat and go to my rehearsal (I am directing A Midsummer Nights Dream). Sadly my rushing stops at the car park as I have a flat tyre. Now it has to be said that changing a wheel is on the list of incredibly butch things that I can actually do ... As long as one of the wheel nuts isn't a locking one for which I have no key. I called my Dad - who lives 200 miles away so couldn't really do anything but since he gave me the car he might have an idea to the location of the missing nut unlucky thing. He informs me that he gave it to me in a small black box, along with the four wheel nuts (one from each wheel) that the locking ones replaced. I remember that box ... It was on the spare sofa in January at Dans house. Not only have we moved house since then, but I haven't seen it since. On the off chance I had the foresight to put it back in the car, I take the car apart. Nada. So its time to call the AA. They don't have an unlucky tool thing - which everyone I worked with had assured me they would - so it has to be broken off. To add insult to injury, my spare isn't a pretty alloy but a minging black wheel with a speed limit of 50mph/80kph. I am still on the hunt for a new tyre......

Saturday was mildly better... We were treated to a meal out in Cardiff Bay (after Doctor Who had finished, natch) by a mate which was lovely. Then driving home in the hammering rain, we passed a hitch hiker who was drunk and very very wet. Being the soft touch I am, I turned around and went to get him. This was halfway over the Caerphilly Mountain Road. I asked him where he was going to and he said Cyn Coed. About 8 miles back down the mountain ... He was lost and going totally the wrong way. Apparently he had been out at a party and had been dropped by friends to find his way to his girls house. Some friends if they drop you somewhere in Cardiff that you don't know and expect you to find your own way. Anyhoo, I took him back into Cardiff to his gf's house and dropped him by her door. He left £20 intheh car for my trouble .. bonus! I had tried to refuse it but he was quite insistent, bless him.

So that was the highlights of my weekend. How are you?