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Tuesday, 28 November 2006


I am full to the forehead with gunk. I can barely breathe, just about hear and are likely to cough every time I open my mouth. At least my nose isnt actually running........

and my goodness, the christmas police have struck! Tell your friends ... nobody is safe.


Friday, 24 November 2006

I dont feel like dancing

because my feet are killing me after spending the better part of four hours in my platform boots at the Scissor Sisters gig in Cardiff last night.

And it was amazing.

I had my little electronic scrolling badge thing with 'Babydaddys Baby' on it .... think I was too far back for him to see it, even though I made sure I was right in front of him, about 40 feet back (close as we could get). He did kind of squint at it a few times when I held it over the crowd but don't think he could make it out. Arse. He is fit as. Top of my list of men I'd leave Dan for. Actually, only person on said list now as after gazing at him for 75 mins, no other will do.
Apologies to the rest of the band. The music was great but I cant say I saw a thing you did as my eyes were fixed in one place only........ well, ok so I saw a few bits but I really only have eyes for Babydaddy. Loving everything though. From the great build up to the entrance ... the elevator doors from the album cover opening to reveal the band.... but we had to wait an agonising 5 mins watching the lights go up as the elevator 'arrived' - you know, like the old fashioned ones where the lights go up as it goes up or down ... loved Jake's spangly outfit he opened with, Babydaddy was gorgeous, loved Ana Matronic from start to end - she sorted out a fight in the audience, Babydaddy was hot as hell, it was great the way they got political without getting preachy and still made it fun, Babydaddy was so cute when he pouted (frequently), they got the crowd to sing the backing vocals for 'Mary', Babydaddy drank water from a bottle and I have never wanted to be a bottle so much in my life. Are you getting a theme here?

I took 30 pix but as it was all on my phone, they're not great but I include one here just to give you a taste.

If any of you know babydaddy, can get a message to him, get me a signed picture (without shirt preferred) you know what to do.


Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Ello ello ello

the Christmas Police are coming..........


Sunday, 19 November 2006


Yes! Despite my horrendous cold this weekend, young Roo has popped down and we drifted down to Wales Millennium Centre to check out the Doctor Who open house. We had the choice of pix with a dalek or the TARDIS for a minimum donation of £1 . So we threw all of our change in to get the three of us in with ... well, you clearly are not blind or you wwouldn'tbe reading this as I ddon'toffer a braille service. We would have had to queue again for the dalek so I ddidn'tbother. And my god there were some people there .... a lot of fellow poofs, cute ones at that! And some people who I was sorely tempted to take them to one side and have a word about what they were wearing. But bless them, they are happy (I wouldn'tbe if anyone made me dress like them but tthat'snot for here) and it was all raising cash for children in need. I also had my scrolling message badge on saying 'you will be deleted' which got a lot of attention. Phil Collinson came out to pose for photos and sign stuff but after accosting the poor man on the way to see Madonna I was scared he'd recognise me and think I was stalking him or something ... which I am but a good stalker ddoesn'tgive themselves away.

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Saturday, 18 November 2006

yet more......

Friday, 17 November 2006

more pix

Peter Pan meets Peter Pan! .. with Wendy
Josh and a Delorean.


Holiday, celebrate.....

No, I cant afford another one just yet (although have worked out costs for 5 days in Orlando for next Halloween to do Horror Nights again!!) but thought I would show you some lovely pictures ....

Thursday, 16 November 2006

A View to a Thrill

If Pete can be doing dodgy Bond puns, then so can I.

Yes, last night was the Wales premiere of Casino Royale, brought to you by Admiral & Real Radio at Cineworld Cardiff to raise money for Ty Hafan Children's Hospice, and I fucking loved it!

Granted, my back and neck hurt by the end as they made all the radio staff sit in the front row .... so to watch anything go across the screen meant a crane from extreme left to right or vice versa, but once I got into it, I didn't really seem to notice that much.

Wont say a lot as no wish to spoil for those yet to see ..... but yes, think they did a good job with a bit of a reboot and update. And of course Dame Judi was brill. Daniel Craig appears to have a large willy too.

Then after the show was over and I was waiting for a friend of mine to come out of the loo, I caught the eye of a rather cute guy ... who was looking straight back. After a couple of smiles, I walked over and asked for his number .. and got it! Now, I know that you are all thinking ';hang on, Paul is living with Dan' and yes, I am ... but its an open relationship which works just fine for us .... and it does the ego bloody good to know you can still pull like that once in a while.


Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Casino Royale with cheese please

Yes, like everyone else, I am banging on about the new Bond film.

I am off to the Wales premiere tonight
Now granted, I am not a Bond person as such. I haven't even seen all of them. But what the fucking jesus christ of holy shite is all the fuss about him being blonde? If an actor can pull off the character, then so what? Ok, so you aren't going to cast Harry Knowles as Bond. Nobody would buy it even though I am sure Harry would be flattered to be offered the part. Likewise, you wouldn't cast ..say .. me ... as She Ra no matter how much I like the costume. But any Brit or other who can do a decent Brit accent, look a bit rough and convince us he is fit and can kill people and shag a lot can play Bond .. surely?

Now, I am hearing rumours .... and nothing confirmed.... that this film finally sets in stone the notion that the name James Bond comes as a title with the job of being 007. Thank fuck! If its one thing that gets my goat its continuity. I also think it gives them way more scope for plots and things .... like what if all the previous 007's had to work together on some big threat? Admit it, you just did a little come in your pants at the thought, didn't you?

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

More Tales of the City

So MGM continued ...... I don't really want to go into great detail of what happens on every ride as it wont mean a lot if you haven't been and might spoil it for if you ever do get out there. Apart from to say the Great Movie Ride is lovely .... just for the final scene you arrive in ...... also the Beauty and the Beast Show is quite lovely too. Also, Kevin (Josh's ex) joined us for a few days

Fri 3: Seaworld. I fed sharks! Nuff said

Sat 4: A return trip around both universal parks for Kevin to experience them! More Men In Black! Also managed to actually get on the Hulk this time..........

Sun 5: Josh and Kevin left us to go to their respective homes :-( We went for a trip to the mall and bought a suit each (there was a deal on with two suits for $150 which was a major bargain) and saw The Nightmare Before Xmas 3d .... luckily no leaping off screen 3d so I saw the whole thing in glorious 3d with no pain to my eyes.

Mon 6: Epcot. I always find Epcot a bit on the dull side to be honest. Its a bit too preachy in its educational bit for my liking .... but then I have to consider its a) aimed at Americans and b) produced by Disney. The amount of 'oh no we are fucking up the planet we need to do something about it' was a tad grating ..... I just kept thinking that if energy, pollution and stuff is such a huge issue why the hell don't they just shut the theme parks and not waste so much of it on frivolity....... however, Soaring, the new ride there was great. You sit in a hang glider type thing and are help over a huge projection arial tour of California .... and they even add in the relevant smells .... well just the nice ones ........

Tue 7: Animal Kingdom. We managed to complete this in just on 5 hours so buggered off to the Magic Kingdom for a while too. And once we got there it started to rain. Not just spotting slightly, or a bit of drizzle. I mean rain so hard that you cant see far through it and each drop feels like a small stone being dropped on your head. For 2 hours. we had ponchos ..... its Disney, you have to .... but our feet were beyond soaked. my trainers are still moist......... I have video evidence of how bad it was.

Wed 8: Magic Kingdom. They have revamped Pirates of the Caribbean to tie in with the films .... and its quite cool! Also managed to meet Peter Pan and Wendy which was a personal highlight for me. The previous week, Universal had been dead ... no real queues to speak of or anything .. Disney was a different story..... we needed to get fast passes just to get on some rides .. and not the big coasters either, it was things like Its A Small World and Peter Pans Flight that had the big queues. I guess Magic Kingdom is the place for families and ickle kids .... or big kids who like such things.

Thu 9: Magic Kingdom again but our last day at Disney .. or any of the parks. With this in mind, I made sure we ended the day with a the firework display and watched it from a place where it was happening around the castle. So that was my last moment...... but the truly great thing (that people who really know me will totally get) was just before the fireworks started. The lights in the park had all gone out in preparation and Jiminy Crickets voice was explaining all about how dreams really can come true and how wishes are things that live within all of us .... and a real genuine shooting star went over the top of the castle.... and I cried and made a wish.

Fri 10: We were booked onto a shopping day. I had a fabulous time blowing the $1200 we still had left to spend. A pair of converse all stars, black 501's, books: Wicked, Son of a Witch, Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister, Devil Wears Prada to name a few, dvd's: The Brady Bunch season 1, Golden girls seasons 4 & 5 ... and a ton more! We were due to go and see Saw 3 in the evening but were too tired and had to pack.

Sat 11: check out of the hotel, check in our bags at downtown Disney desk and then went to see Flushed Away .... which is quite cute and well worth a look when it comes your way (Dec 1st for UK people) even if its just for the constant barrage of aardman and dreamworks in jokes.

So that was it really .... as I say, i could go into huge details on rides and stuff .... but there's not a lot of point. Either go and do them yourself or come over and watch my video diaries ........

so what have you been doing?


Holiday tales pt 1

Ok ... so first and foremost. I am only ever flying Premium Economy ever again for flights over 2 hours. end of.

Our apartment was a sweet affair but only one floor up, which is a shame as I would have liked to have been higher than that .. but I'm nitpicking really.

Saturday 28: arrived, took a walk around I drive. Watched some tv.
Sunday 29 Nov: went for our welcome meeting, waited for Josh to arrive from Minneapolis, did some shopping. Had a KFC. Laughed at how the Americans call scones biscuits.

Monday 30: Universal Studios. Scorching hot day. No queues for any rides! (apart from Jaws which was bout 20 mins and rubbish). Men In Black rules - basically six of you are put into a car and have to shoot things.... you even get your individual score at the end of it. Josh introduced me to Smores. My name is Paul and I'm a smoresaholic.

Tuesday 31/Halloween: Oh my days. We scooted around Islands of Adventure in the daytime .... Dr Seuss landing is a trip and a half .... and that's sober ........ also much loving Duelling Dragons ride and the Poseidon walk around adventure thingy ....... got to meet a few of the X Men and had a bit of a thing for the guy in the wolverine suit ...... it was also this day when I hit a flaw in the whole holiday. You see, a lot of the rides there these days are 3d simulators ... so you don your specs and off you go in your vehicle to get tossed about like a good salad. Each one has a plot to follow, usually with you ending up in mortal peril and saving the day just by being there and the backstory is very nicely laid out for you in clear form as part of the queueing process .... so some rides actually fall a bit flat if you don't have to queue for them ..... like Spiderman (I only really got it second time around when we had a short queue explaining why we were sat in these odd cars roving the city). You see, the landscapes and vistas look amazing in 3d .... animated or otherwise ..... but each time a gun, fist, rock comes 'flying' off the screen towards you, my eyes just hurt and the image became a total blur. Bah! this 3d lark is shite, I found myself thinking until I realised that everyone else was ducking said gun, fist or rock. So its just me that it doesn't work for then? Great! And as I say, it probably accounts for about a third of the rides out there. Oh well. We got so soaked on the Ripsaw ride we had to buy an entire new outfit. If you are going here anytime ...... do not go on Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw unless you are prepared to get VERY VERY wet.

Then we went on to Universals Horror Night. Sweet Jesus I shit my pants.

To start, if you follow the suggested route, you find yourself in a street thick with fog ... not dry ice or smoke but somehow actual fog ..... filled with people on stilts who swoop on you or chainsaw wielding maniacs who stop inches from your face. Bit scary but fun .... especially if you are with someone like Josh who screams and runs from EVERYTHING! There was also a vampire alley that was very cool indeed and a zombie infested street. Josh found the zombies a bit too much until I suggested the Shaun of the Dead approach ... make like zombies ourselves ... and it worked! They ignored us after that. The Bill & Ted show was like totally awesome dudes. Especially the very very gay Magneto and his invisible green suit fx guy ...... The scream houses were what really did me in though. Each one had a particular theme and was basically a five minute walk through with people jumping at you continually and scaring the living shit from you. At one point Josh was actually climbing up my back to try and get out. The one themed around a madhouse was intense .... one room had a guy smeared in poop and he had written up the walls in it. Now, I know darn well they didn't actually smear a guy in his own crap and throw it up the walls ... but the SMELL .... I was about one breath away from throwing up when we got done with that section. Another called Run (based on the Saw and Hostel movies) turned my guts a bit and freaked em out ... especially when the people in front of us stopped moving, leaving us trapped with a 'nutter' wielding tools just to our left. You see, through these scream houses you are constantly on the move in one single file line ..... but its only wide enough for single file so you can only go as fast or slow as the line allows ...... and people ahead might not be wanting to move as quickly as you ...... and that can be fucking terrifying .... feeling very very trapped and your mind tells you you are safe but your heart has control of everything at that point ..... and its great fun. Of course, this was also a great chance to get in a few goes on Men In Black too........

Weds 1: As Dan still had his cold, especially after the ripsaw soaking, I told him to stay home and Josh and I went to a mall. Well, it was America, I just had to. A stunning amount of gay men in Florida have girlfriends you know. I don't know who to feel sorry for most, the guys who don't feel they can be true to themselves or the poor women they are lying to.

Thu 2: Disney's MGM studios. They have knocked down the Golden Girls house! That's all I can say about this day right now .... I need a moment .........



Hey kids, I am back from the U S of A ... and what a time that was ....... I shall probably have to tell you all about it over a few posts but not right now .....

I have switched to a new improved blog thing .... and not sure if its still at the same web address ...... so if you arent reading this then at least you know why ............