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Friday, 24 November 2006

I dont feel like dancing

because my feet are killing me after spending the better part of four hours in my platform boots at the Scissor Sisters gig in Cardiff last night.

And it was amazing.

I had my little electronic scrolling badge thing with 'Babydaddys Baby' on it .... think I was too far back for him to see it, even though I made sure I was right in front of him, about 40 feet back (close as we could get). He did kind of squint at it a few times when I held it over the crowd but don't think he could make it out. Arse. He is fit as. Top of my list of men I'd leave Dan for. Actually, only person on said list now as after gazing at him for 75 mins, no other will do.
Apologies to the rest of the band. The music was great but I cant say I saw a thing you did as my eyes were fixed in one place only........ well, ok so I saw a few bits but I really only have eyes for Babydaddy. Loving everything though. From the great build up to the entrance ... the elevator doors from the album cover opening to reveal the band.... but we had to wait an agonising 5 mins watching the lights go up as the elevator 'arrived' - you know, like the old fashioned ones where the lights go up as it goes up or down ... loved Jake's spangly outfit he opened with, Babydaddy was gorgeous, loved Ana Matronic from start to end - she sorted out a fight in the audience, Babydaddy was hot as hell, it was great the way they got political without getting preachy and still made it fun, Babydaddy was so cute when he pouted (frequently), they got the crowd to sing the backing vocals for 'Mary', Babydaddy drank water from a bottle and I have never wanted to be a bottle so much in my life. Are you getting a theme here?

I took 30 pix but as it was all on my phone, they're not great but I include one here just to give you a taste.

If any of you know babydaddy, can get a message to him, get me a signed picture (without shirt preferred) you know what to do.



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