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Sunday, 19 November 2006


Yes! Despite my horrendous cold this weekend, young Roo has popped down and we drifted down to Wales Millennium Centre to check out the Doctor Who open house. We had the choice of pix with a dalek or the TARDIS for a minimum donation of £1 . So we threw all of our change in to get the three of us in with ... well, you clearly are not blind or you wwouldn'tbe reading this as I ddon'toffer a braille service. We would have had to queue again for the dalek so I ddidn'tbother. And my god there were some people there .... a lot of fellow poofs, cute ones at that! And some people who I was sorely tempted to take them to one side and have a word about what they were wearing. But bless them, they are happy (I wouldn'tbe if anyone made me dress like them but tthat'snot for here) and it was all raising cash for children in need. I also had my scrolling message badge on saying 'you will be deleted' which got a lot of attention. Phil Collinson came out to pose for photos and sign stuff but after accosting the poor man on the way to see Madonna I was scared he'd recognise me and think I was stalking him or something ... which I am but a good stalker ddoesn'tgive themselves away.

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