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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Casino Royale with cheese please

Yes, like everyone else, I am banging on about the new Bond film.

I am off to the Wales premiere tonight
Now granted, I am not a Bond person as such. I haven't even seen all of them. But what the fucking jesus christ of holy shite is all the fuss about him being blonde? If an actor can pull off the character, then so what? Ok, so you aren't going to cast Harry Knowles as Bond. Nobody would buy it even though I am sure Harry would be flattered to be offered the part. Likewise, you wouldn't cast ..say .. me ... as She Ra no matter how much I like the costume. But any Brit or other who can do a decent Brit accent, look a bit rough and convince us he is fit and can kill people and shag a lot can play Bond .. surely?

Now, I am hearing rumours .... and nothing confirmed.... that this film finally sets in stone the notion that the name James Bond comes as a title with the job of being 007. Thank fuck! If its one thing that gets my goat its continuity. I also think it gives them way more scope for plots and things .... like what if all the previous 007's had to work together on some big threat? Admit it, you just did a little come in your pants at the thought, didn't you?


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