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Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Leave Her Alone

Ok, this one will be a rant.

Madonna. You all know I am a huge fan. But the press really needs to BACK THE FUCK OFF this time with the adoption thing.

There is a general under current every time there is a major charity type do (yer Live Aids and wotnot) that why are all these stars not just donating x thousand or million to the cause? Why are they always just giving their time for free (I expect they donate also but we the masses arent privvy to that bit) and asking us to shell out the very little cash we have. When there was the make poverty history ads running in cinemas and on tv, a lot of people were saying that if it only required x million to clear the worlds problems, why not just make all of these Hollywood stars and pop legends give a million each? surely you could get a good 300 of them to each shell out a million minimum and they wouldnt notice and suddenly the whole world benefits? And that does make sense and maybe should happen.


As soon as one person does do something really positive, the hounds are out. How dare she adopt! Why in all lord of fuck shouldnt she? Madonna has earned her money the same as I earned mine (granted there is a great deal of difference in the tally of figures in that bank balance but whatever) so why should she not do as she sees fit? I choose to give £1 a week to Ty Hafan the childrens hospice for Wales, I choose to hand out cash to Big Issue sellers but dont take the magazine so they have the cash and a chance of one more sale, I give spare change to those people in Asda's lobby if I have it and support what they do. So if Madonna is giving a child a better life .. and lets face it, if anyone can give a kid a better life, she can.... then who is anybody to stand in the way? She also gave money to the village, she has set up a charity to assist with the aids epidemic (or do we say pandemic these days?) and the problems in Malawi. Bottom line, she has done more than Sir Bob has .. did he ever take a child away from Ethiopa? Not that I recall. he gets knighted, Madonna gets launched at.

There needs to be a backlash against the paparazzi and the gutter press.

Madonna (should you drop by .. unlikley I know) good on you! Lets hope some of your colleagues and wannabies take up from your lead.

Then again ..... the idea of Britney and a small african child?


  • At 9:38 am, Blogger Ruby Tuesday said…

    Yep, totally agree, Madonna is being criticised for doing a good thing, what is the world coming to? However have to say Sir Bob did a very noble thing too. He adopted Tiger Hutchence. Not only an orphaned child, but the child of his former wife's partner. The one she left him for. For that Sir Bob will always have my utmost respect. To put any pride to one side to make sure Tiger could stay with her sisters is remarkable.

  • At 10:48 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    All his kids do have fucking stupid names though........ but yes, that was amazing.


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