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Thursday, 26 October 2006

my day in briefs .. or boxers I'm not fussed

Slept like a log last night ..... then got up, had a shave and a shower, realised now I no longer have beard I can colour my hair again without it looking odd, left for work, turned round at the traffic lights to come back for my lunch, left again, turned back without even leaving the drive as realised had forgotten disc with film footage for end of play on .... took short cuts to avoid traffic as had eventually left for work at 8.25 for an 8.30 start and it takes around 40 mins to do the 12 min drive in the mornings, got halfway down Nant Garw hill and realised had also forgotten masking tape i bought specifically to tape down the cable for the UV light in show so had to go home at lunchtime anyway.... then sorted a few bits of packing ... went back into house to get said tape I had gone home for ..... this giving you an idea of what its like in my head?


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