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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Crash Bang Wallop, what a picture

Its deffo an 'on' week. One of those weeks where its all happening and pacing is vital.
So naturally I have gone hell for leather and worn myself out already. And beat myself up over nothing, leading to more cock ups to beat myself over.
You know, the usual.
Starting with Monday then ... young Gareth has been quite ill, so I covered his shift at Showcase after finishing at Real ... was a bit of a dash as didn't have my uniform on me, so had to dive home, change and dive down there. Sex & the City and Indy are still selling out, so twas quite a busy one all round.
Tuesday was the working day as per, then a rehearsal in the evening. Now usually, Kay very kindly puts up with me betwixt work and Telstars, to save me diving home for the sake of a 30 min sit down and excess use of petrol, leading to growth of carbon footprint. But as my dining table is a prop in the play, and I cant be there Friday afternoon for the tech and set up stuff, somebody else needs to already have it so they can actually set the set. This meant I had to go home and get it of course. Then when we arrived at Century Wharf to use the function room, it was full. Of mostly old people. In a meeting. And they didn't look ready to leave any time soon. So Suzanne checked with the concierge (I know .. its only an estate of posh flats .. but they have a concierge! And a leisure suite - one of the bays best cruising grounds by all accounts but that's by the by). Suzanne then very discreetly and politely snuck in to advise them that their booking had ended at 7.00 and we were booked in from 7.00 til 10.00. To which their chairman became rude, verbally aggressive in tone and extremely unhelpful. He had an e-mail confirmation and that was that. Not prepared to discuss, negotiate or compromise in any way - he kept on about how confidential their meeting was. Suzanne, ever the courteous, remained calm and tried to deal with him. I however, didn't. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was bored with him now and to go back to his room and his secrets. When he tried to talk to me, my response was 'Did I ask you to speak to me? No, now go back in there, go on, I don't need to speak to you anymore, bored now, goodbye'. I thought Steve was going to need a crash team. Ive never seen him laugh so much.
Rehearsals then didn't go great. We genuinely seem to put in a worse performance each time we do it now. Hopefully being back in front of an audience will make a difference. But at the same time, I desperately do not want to win the festival now. I did for a while ... but now I really want to put this play to bed and to not have to do it anymore. We shall see.
Wednesday we had all been told we were banned from the office for the day. Its a particular thing management have with the sales team lately. Keep them out on the road as much as possible. True, they do seem to do an awful lot from their desks now, certainly much more than when I first started .. but mad schemes aren't really the answer. Performance management is, but that never going to happen here. So off I went as part of Team Fame, trying to collect as many business cards as possible and win the £100 team night out. Our area was Newport/Cwmbran/Pontypool kind of way. Mia had the idea of hitting printers ... and taking any excess business cards they may have printed. Only individual cards counted ... having 500 of one companies different members wasn't allowed. The weather was divine, so we had quite a scream running around randomly asking anyone and everyone for cards. I managed to spend a good half an hour at Mahmilad ..... used many times in Torchwood and Doctor Who, so that was exciting. I also did a proper Fame dance on the roof of the Real Mobile .. of which I hope to have photographic evidence shortly. We won, of course .. and won the award for most original ways of getting business cards. Not for me walking in on an old man having a wee, thinking it was just the works kitchen though. Well, the bloody door was open! I mean, in an open warehouse, even if it was a quiet day, would you stand there with your cock out taking a piss with the door open? Oh .. you would? Fair enough. So the upshot is, we have £200 for our team night out. And given we get 50& discount at Hard Rock, that's effectively 400 .. so we can afford to bring partners. Or just the four of us go but get completely wasted.
Last night was a typical orange weds. Most stuff sold out ... and my till was out. Cant work out why. Was very tired but don't think I made any horrendous mistakes. Except clearly i did. Fuck it.
I also reversed the Real Mobile into another car. Just couldn't see her behind me. Not even a scratch on eiterh vehicle luckily though.
Then I dropped my mobile, cracked the screen and now cant see anything on it. Fairly sure I opted out of insurance, after not needing it in 10 years of owning a mobile phone, so that would be about right then. Also 995 positive all my contacts are saved to the phone and not the sim, and I now cant see the screen to be able to copy them across. Hoping my Samsung PC Studio will copy them to my laptop so I can put them across to a new phone. And by new I mean my old one. Cant afford a new one and am 12 months away from my next free upgrade.
Still, BB is back tonight. *yawns*


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