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Friday, 2 May 2008

From New York to LA

This song has been stuck in my head since seeing Pam Ann last week .. and I love it!
In other news. Iron Man.
What fun!
Great comic book adventure movie. The effects are great, even if the story does feel like a big set up for a franchise .. but aren't they all these days?
There are lots of very nice nods for Marvelites .... the SHIELD running joke is superb, if a tad obvious to anyone who has read any related comic material.
Robert DJ is a very dry Tony Stark, equally at home with his humour as his serious moments. A lot of the performance is in his eyes, a sign of a great actor. So glad he was cast - this would have been shit with a Cruise/Pitt/Clooney in the starring role. And Jeff Bridges is very woof. Who knew he'd make such a nice Daddy? Gwyneth makes a very sweet Pepper, all fawning eyes and sighs.
Iron Man isn't a comic I have read a great deal of (mainly just Civil War really) but I feel this does the characters justice.
Pus we had a brand new Indy trailer that I didn't even know was coming. I think I had a bit of wee come out i was so excited. Also had the new Hulk trailer. Meh. I liked Ang lee's one frankly.



  • At 7:45 am, Blogger Nabu San said…

    Gwyneth is one of the rare few women who I'd actually turn straight for. ;D Loved her best blonde in Stardust.

    And I was a bit wary of Robert DJ playing the lead, 'cause he's a bit well...old ;D But he was so frickin' hawt in the movie! And he made up for his age with humour, which is always good to see in a man.

    And special effects were just...jaw droppingly awesome. Fave scene was when Iron Man rescues those peeps in the Middle East and pwning all those terrorists.


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