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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Simply Amazing, Unique and New, Every Mans Waking Dream

Last night I realised a dream of over 25 years and managed to see French & Saunders live.
They don't tour often. Off the top of my head, I think this is only the 4th or 5th in their 30 year career. This is also their last. After this tour, Dawn, as she put it, is going to Cornwall to die and Jennifer has other plans. They may still have projects and may even work together ... but not as French & Saunders, comedy partners.
Sat in the centre of the second row at Wales Millennium Centre, meant I had a superb view and was extremely close to them. And how much did I laugh? Really, I was in a lot of pain from it!
The show mainly consisted of highlights from the tv shows .... with some updates and minor re writes, old characters back for a last appearance etc. The sisters from Pear Tree Farm on trial for their crimes and misdemeanours with Star Pets, the original Mother & daughter sketch that became Ab Fab, a new piece from Baby Dawn, those Lucky Bitches, Madonna, the dirty old men - complete with frighteningly realistic prosthetic cocks and bollocks (we were close enough to see them in detail!). And that's merely touching the tip of the iceberg. At one point, after a loud solo cheer, I did get a thank you from Jennifer, which has just about made my life.
And, as I realised the show was coming to an end, I shed a few tears. Not from laughter, even though there had been plenty of those, but the sudden realisation that my comedy idols, for as long as I have had a sense of humour, were there, just 10 feet away, being brilliant. And I had waited so long for this and now, perfectly timed, it is the last I shall see of them as I have known and loved them. It was all a bit much for a few moments. Then they started dancing to ABBA Thank You For The Music and the laughter started again.
Dawn, Jennifer, if by any chance you actually manage to read this. Thank you. And remember, Ouvrez le Thora Hird.

And how cool is this? So impressed, I thought I'd share. Rather than Cher, which would involve turning back time. And The Doctor would never approve


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