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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Doctor in the House

Today's Radio Times, in any one of its four collectible covers, has a season preview of Doctor Who. The spoilers and quotes are all over the net, so i shan't bore you with them all, aside from my own personal run down of the series to come.
1. Partners In Crime - the return of Donna! And some weebles. or something. I think this has a woman with a sonic screwdriver of her own
2. Fires Of Pompeii - written by James Moran, who rocks. Volcano!
3. Planet Of The Ood - Bit confused as set on the Ood planet of Ice and set (from the Oods perspective) before Satan Pit. So why do their eyes glow red in the trailers? Because they surely don't get possessed until they go to the Impossible Planet? Non?
4. The Sontaran Stratagem (1 of 2) 'Light hearted romp' they say. 'Better fucking not be' I say
5. The Poison Sky (2 of 2) See .. poison gas ... keep your eye on that, I reckon its a theme/arc/developing plotline
6. The Doctor's Daughter - allegedly does what it says on the tin. Which people are taking as the offspring of our favoured timeline. I say different. I think The Doctor does a season as a panto dame and this episode is all a bit carry on. ooh daughter!
7. The Unicorn and The Wasp - Agatha Christie. Which I just sang in my head as I typed it to Eleanor Rigby. And now so have you, haven't you.
8. Silence In The Library (1 of 2) Bit spooky. Steven Moffats story. Think the big slide to teh finale will start here somewhere .. just my opinion. And remember kids, you should always be silent in a library or the librarian turns into a ghost and chases you back to your university.
9. River's Run (2 of 2) In a library? Must have gone right up market and had a water feature installed
10. Midnight. Have read lots about this but cant remember any of it.
11. Turn Left. Doctor Free ep. Was mooted as being called Doctor Who? Now wondering if that the title of....
12. (TBA)(1 of 2)... since RTD has stated it gives too much away.
13. Journey's End (2 of 2) Ah. Daleks! Every companion ever! (ok, i exaggerate .. but not far off) Rain! And no doubt a what cubed from La Tennant to lead us into the xmas spesh.
So there you go. Come back in July and see how much was right!


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