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Friday, 14 March 2008

Of Mice and Moths

Now how do I do this again? Think it goes something like this.....


Amazing set reports from Scott and the gang last night up in Penarth.
The Doctor shot by a Dalek! Captain Jack and Rose with the big bastard fuck off Dalek guns from series 1. Donna, Sarah-Jane, Mickey and Jackie all in attendance too. (ooh, there's a thought - is the tin dog still in the exhibition? Surely he shows up at some point too. Even though I am sure they could CG him these days). The daleks stealing the TARDIS! Oops .. just shot a wad in my boxers again. Must stop thinking about how exciting this year is going to be.


Jake Shears and the son of the bloke-off-The-Goodies-with-the-glasses are writing Tales of the City: The Musical.


So .. Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf. What a cracking stand up! Toby Hadoke (pronounced Hade Oak, not Had Oaky as I had been saying) clearly knows his shit. Bit obsessed with John Abineri but since it got him his leg over once, I'll not knock it. He states at the start, that you don't need to know classic Who to enjoy the show, and he's right as its the situations that coem from him being a Who fan that make most of the comedy - but there are many levels on which the performance works .... one for every level on Who knowledge basically. Although I have been with the show since Pertwee, I don't commit every last fact and line to memory. Largely because my memory is really really shit. But I got most of it .... and could tell that some of my peers got even more. (Pete, if he tours down under, get there - you will love it). What amazed me most however, was that after combinations of observation, Who related and political comedy, he brings the show to a close with a moment of raw emotion. The entire auditorium was gripped, each person having their own little moment based on the first time his son asked if they can watch Who together. It was beautiful. I don't have many memories of Dad living at home, and of the ones I do have, 99% are him beating the shit out of my mum and shouting a lot. But one of the few I do have is watching Doctor Who. Couldn't tell you which adventure, but its Jon Pertwee with Jo Grant as companion. For years I thought Doctor Who was in black and white until Tom Baker - but turns out we just had a black and white telly. From there, I can remember being terrified of the Zygons and whenever we were out in the car, Dad would point at the nearest gap in the clouds and tell me if I didn't behave the Zygons would come through and get me. I also have a memory of Tom Baker as the Doctor clinging to a cloud and falling off it - which may have been a dream actually. I do remember Dad always making lewd suggestions about exactly what he'd do to Sarah-Jane....
So back to Moths ... there is Toby telling us that his son wanted to watch Who with him .... School Reunion. The episode that first really brought my old Who life and my NuWho life together. My second lump of the week .. this one in my throat.


  • At 9:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just to let you know the tin dog was still in the exhibition on Thursday ...

    And the bloke-off-The-Goodies-with-the-glasses was Graeme Garden, who I was watching at the Millennium Centre on Friday night while you were out chasing daleks!

  • At 8:54 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    GG was In Cardiff? Cool!
    Glad you had a good trip down - do come see us again


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