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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Chaos, Rains.

Its all gone a bit mad. Very busy with both jobs .... last night I managed to spectacularly break a ticket printer, purely by standing next to it. It was making odd noises when printing, then a ticket it printed fell back into it (they usually slide out and are kind of gripped so that cant happen). I cleared the jam, but then it wouldn't play. Luckily, Louise knew how to deal with it ... and when that didn't work she just ripped it right out of the desk and replaced it. Of course, this had to happen when we had a queue going out of the doors......

And the weather is all over the place. As I think it is for most people actually. Its sunny out right now, but its been all kinds of everything in the last 24 hours. Except snow. We haven't had that ... yet.

Never managed to get hold of my surgery. Not sure I need to as cant find the problem I thought was there. Perhaps I just had a bollock upside down.


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